Your Choices Determine Your Experience Of Life. Choose Wisely!

MOVEMENT – Archangel Sandalphon says to keep your body moving, and your energy flowing so that your Chakras are kept healthy and your physical body strong. What about the movements in life that we can’t see?


These movements he’s talking about are choices, movements towards the spiritual direction in life.

Everything we do, everything we say and everything that we think moves us towards our path as Light-Workers. Knowing this and being mindful of your movement towards your goals in life will help get you there not only faster but more so on the track of compassion and gratitude.

Take nothing for granted for everything is a lesson. Live with your Heart Chakra up front and center as a guide. Everything is energy. Keep that energy light, pure and flowing. Life does not go by time but by the beat of your heart, one moment at a time, one movement in place, one “knowing” in space ❤

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