New & Full Moon Intuitive Readings Now Available

Hi Angels! I have a new Divination tool, a Selenite Ball. I’ve had time to spend with this energy and it feels like the part of my journey that I’ve been missing.

Having said that, I am now offering a new service. It’s a Selenite Ball reading that will ONLY be offered during a New Moon phase or a Full Moon phase. The next New Moon is April 16th and I am taking bookings for only that day at this time. The next Full Moon is April 30th when this service will be offered again. You can ask for readings on any of these two days.

crystal ball readings.001

How does it work? You ask questions and then we’ll hook up on the ZOOM platform to chat. Here’s a sample of what type of questions that will give you the most empowering answers:

• What changes in my life do I need to make or attract success in my life?

• What gift should I be pursuing and how should I deal with any difficulties along the way?

• What does the universe most want me to know right now?

• What sort of work path of a career and my most suited for?

• What meaning does my relationship with my partner have?

• Can you tell me about my most important past life?

• In what ways on my current limiting or harming myself?

Email me at: to book your New or Full Moon Selenite Reading


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