When Angels Ask US to Help

“Dear Ones, as I protect you I ask that you protect that which is around you.”

This is the message that I felt this morning from Archangel Michael. What does it mean? It’s a reminder to be mindful of the world around us. The small creatures that need our help from bees to birds. Those that do not have power or voice need our energy and love to help them along. Look out and beyond yourself to see how you can help Nature thrive. Plant those flowers that feed butterflies and birds. Have feeders for the bees who are crying for our help. Help the creatures that are in harm’s way – intervene where you feel you need to be to help and protect our Nature.

What is meant to be will happen. Be aware of your surroundings. Open your heart and take that extra step to help those living things who are reaching out ❤


3 thoughts on “When Angels Ask US to Help

  1. Dear Donna! This is such a great and timely message for me for many reasons; I’ve always felt a doting responsibility to the flora and fauna – and compassion for our earth who is being abused in so many ways… but presently as I take part in my friends’ vigil for a very-sick loved one, it reminds me that they as well as angels asked if I could help… your message gives me comfort, and I won’t have that stab of worry that perhaps I need to go home (7 hours away) and take care of Lisa…
    You’ll be interested to know that last week a friend of theirs brought a statue of St. Gregorio (from Venezuela) who took a place by Mother Mary. Instead of the one daily candle for Mary, there were seven – or eight. One for Jesus, one for Gregorio, one for the patient, one for Mary. Those were in a line at the back of a platter.. in front were candles for the archangels, Rafael, Miguel and I think she said Samuel.
    Now each day they burn the candles for the ones on the back line….

    I’ll be with the patient’s mother in her kitchen/tienda today, starting in half an hour so i’d best get rolling. May your day be a great one! Lisa

    • Oh Lisa this makes me so happy! This is the first time I got a message from the Angels asking our assistance and energy to help heal the earth. This indeed is a HUGE message from AA Michael ❤

      Sending light, love and healing to your friends sick loved one.

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