What Does Your Spiritual Happy Place Feel Like?

Sometimes the burdens of life can be devastating – life is no joke or at least at times, it feels that way right? So what do we do?

It is at these times when we grow closer to Source and call in our Angels and Guides. I know many of you say that you can’t feel them or see them therefore they don’t exist. SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!

Spiritual happy place

Do this. Close your eyes and picture in your mind the very first time you held your baby, your pet or your partner. Remember that feeling? Keep thinking …. feel your heart? Do you have a slight smile on your face? Are you recalling images of that time? Do you feel a rush of love in your body?

THAT is what the Angelic Realm feels like and trust me when I tell you, it is right by you as we speak.

This feeling is yours whenever you need it as much as you need it.

Tap into the you that was “untouched” the innocent you as you experienced all that life has to offer. It’s a feeling so capture that in your heart and hold that image in your mind. This is your SPIRITUAL HAPPY PLACE and the place your Angels have reserved for you when you need it – anytime for whatever reason. Trust in that space. Trust in that place and most of all, trust in them ❤

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