When You’re Upset, Angels Find A Way To Help You Process Those Emotions

I had gone over a friends house Sunday with my husband and through a chain of events, was probably the most awful night I’ve had in long time and I’m talking tears!!! Since I’m so flipping sensitive, those feelings spilled into yesterday as well – just two really bad days.

when angels help process emotions


When I’m upset, I clean my house. That is the way I release all that negative energy instead of holding it in. Well let me tell you my 3400 sq foot house is pretty darn clean so you know that was a whole lot of mad. What happen? It was just people stuff. A friend just made some really poor choices in actions and words and it was detrimental to me. So I’m dropping that couple as friends and I’m moving on.

As I was cleaning up my office I came across and old notebook and found these words in it:

I am blessed
I am open
I am clear
I am connected
I am heard
I am well
I am love
I am wise
I am healed
I am strong
I am anchored

These words are of course related to the Chakras and are very strong. They are what I needed to hear.

Like my daughter said to me the other night, “sometimes the only people we can rely on is ourselves. We are responsible for our own life and happiness.”

People are weird sometimes and not all people are meant to be in our lives for whatever reason. So I cut cords with them because of how he acted and no apology will fix it, so I’m moving on.

This is how we cut cords and also face those shadows in our lives. We FEEL it, we LIVE it, we PROCESS it then we RELEASE it.

I did all that and today I feel good. Thank you Angels for having these words show up in my office ❤

One thought on “When You’re Upset, Angels Find A Way To Help You Process Those Emotions

  1. I hope that the bad energy is all purged; sometimes I think that Life hurls pop tests our way to see how we’re doing! Sometimes I pass them well, and sometimes I don’t do so well. A few years ago I lost my temper with a difficult person – really caught me off guard – even if he deserved it, I should have handled it better than I did….

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