Who Should Be In Your Life?

People are drawn to each other for a reason. Over time, you’ll find that there are many synchronicity’s that are discovered. That is how you know that you are with someone who is on or has a similar frequency / vibration as you. THESE are the people you should have in your life.


We don’t need dozens of people in our lives, only a few that feel right when we are with them. This is how we excel in our Spiritual growth. Being with people who “don’t get it” only bring us down or slows our growth and that affects how we feel on a daily basis.

Pick and choose carefully and if you have trouble doing that, Spirit comes in and makes it happen for you which is pretty darn awesome.

Tap into self-awareness, tap into what your body, your Chakras are saying to you. When you listen to self, your world gets a whole lot easier ❤

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