Step OUT Of Your Shadows And Into The Light. It’s Time.

Today is the full moon. You are now in FULL ILLUMINATION when it comes your opportunity to SEE. This for me, is perfect timing as I let go of my shadows and symbolically walk towards the things that “shine” for me. This includes people, thoughts, actions and emotions. What does it all mean?

Tap into the energies of the full moon

Just do what you love. Be with people you love. Do things that bring a smile to your face. I’ve learned in the past few weeks that nothing will bring you down faster than a poor connection with people. Not everyone is meant to be in your life. Tolerate those who “have to be there” and let go of those who don’t need to be with you. Shift yourself to another direction meaning another thought process and watch what happens. Don’t hold onto things that “are too heavy” for they will only put pressure on your back and weigh you down.

Live, love and laugh as they say. It works but you have to be open to that energy ❤

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