How Can I Get What I Want From Life?

(This will be a little ranty) BIG question right? Will it sound too simple if I say “just ask?” When you have a conversation with Spirit, Spirit actually listens. Want something? Ask for it. Ready for a change? Make it happen.



The Phoenix Has Risen – painting by Donna Frasca

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling a change coming over me. Everything, every conversation, the Facebook groups, people talking and asking the same silly questions over and over and the annoying people who just want free readings or “can you just tell me if my partner is cheating on me” messages I get daily. Everything just seems so basic and redundant, people complain SO much and yes, if you have to ask, your partner IS cheating on you.

Anyway, I had a conversation with myself and with Spirit recently. I told, not asked, but told Spirit that I want to and plan to take my journey up a few notches. I want to see more Spirit, do more Mediumship readings and work more in that area versus the other services that I’ve been doing. Why? Because I find that Mediumship readings come really easy for me and it just feels so good to connect with Spirit with the end result being healing for the people who seek this service. I mean what a gift to be able to not only connect but actually talk to a person who has passed on and to connect them to their loved ones with messages. I wouldn’t change this for the world!

What does this all mean? It means that I feel a shift for myself and I’m doing something about it. It’s all about Law Of Attraction. If you want something, darn it make it happen! Get up off your butt and run, don’t walk, towards your goals.

So a few weeks after I had this conversation with Spirit, interesting things started to happen. More and more Mediums happen to scroll by in my Facebook feed, classes that I find interesting happen to show up on ZOOM and I’m offering classes in the things that I want to teach (Mediumship) and people are signing up because they to want to learn too. How awesome is that?

If you want something bad enough, visualize it in your head like it’s already happening. Don’t like something in your life? Stop b******* and do something about it! By complaining all you do is bring “that stuff” closer to you and in your life.

Break out of your shell and grab the things that you want to do in life and make it happen. Spirit hears you! Little by little things will start to unfold in your life the way YOU want it to happen. Yes it does take a little time, you’re not going to wake up tomorrow and have everything land on your lap. Good things come to those who wait as they say right?

Well the waiting is over.

After I told Spirit that I want to walk in the shoes of a full-blown Medium, things have already been set in motion for me and it feels good!!! I feel lighter, more confident and now, I feel like my skin fits perfectly and it’s the skin that I’ve been born to be in.

Will I still dabble in the other things that I do such as Angel readings, paintings, chakra readings and all the other stuff? Of course! However, now my #1 is Mediumship and I already feel the connection growing with the Spirit world.

I am.

PS – Ok, I had a night to sleep on this and time to cool off. It’s ok! We all get hot under the collar and don’t trust the Psychic Medium who only shows the “light and love” side. Seriously, life is about balance.

Ok so I reread this post and wanted to add a few things. I wrote this today as I was pulling a card for myself.

I didn’t even get a chance to shuffle and this cards falls out – love it!

This card is a all about KNOWLEDGE. Not really focusing on being book smart but being able to tap into yourself when you need answers.

What does your “book of life” say? Are you reading it or still writing it? Do you ever go back a reread some chapters? Are there some chapters that you really love?

Intelligence-Crown copy


Like a regular book, life has some really good chapters, some chapters that are boring and some that should be rewritten. After writing my rant last night – since this blog also doubles as my journal, on how you should follow your dreams and desires and if your dreams don’t go the way you pictured them, change it, rewrite them.

So many people complain ALL THE TIME! Just look at their facebook posts or listen to them. They complain about work, the weather being too hot, the stores being too crowded or our food being too poisoned. Sure a lot of this is true and we do need to complain but we also need to change what we don’t like in life or add to it the things we do love and want.

What are you rewriting in your book? I know my book has a few new chapters in it too 🙂

4 thoughts on “How Can I Get What I Want From Life?

  1. Love reading your posts always look forward to them….really enlightening thankyou again donna frasco…love and light from Sydney Australia 💜 💙 💗 💟 💕 💖

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