How To Recharge Your Body In Less Than 5 Minutes

Who wants to do a full body recharge right now?

When is the best time to meditate?

Morning is a great time to meditate just for a few minutes. Let’s do this together!


Feel the breath in your nose as it goes into your lungs. With those three deep inhales you may feel a little light-headed, that’s good, move that energy around.

Bring your focus IN.

What does your body feel like? Can you feel your heart beating? Are your ears ringing? Any tingling sensations in you body?

Starting with your toes, imagine a bright yellow-white ball of energy. This ball will go right up through your body touching every organ, every vein, artery, bone and muscle. As it does so, it energizes.

When the energy ball gets to the top of your head it goes through and out your Crown Chakra and up to Source to get recharged.

Once recharged, it comes back down through your head and continues to travel down until it reaches your feet again.

Repeat as needed throughout the day.

This is just one way to recharge your body to start the day.
Enjoy Angels!

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