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Is There Such A Thing As An Angel With Several Sets Of Wings?

Angels come in many forms. This is one that I saw when I did a Chakra Reading for someone. It was the first time I saw an Angel with eight wings. It’s extremely rare to see this type of Angel so not only am I blessed to have seen it but I’m so happy for the client who has this around her.

Here’s an explanation of the Angel Hierarchy.



How Can I Get Through The Weekend With This Intense Eclipse Energy?

Morning Angels!!! Oh it’s a new day AND it’s Friday!

Choose just ONE thing for the weekend and do it. Do you have a project to do? An errand to run? A party to go to? An appointment to keep? Choose just one errand, complete it then stop.

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What Is False Illumination?

It’s interesting. Yesterday I was talking about “false illumination” in my Angel Huggers Facebook group. My Angels were having us be aware of those who call themselves Lightworkers but for some reason or another, they are not 100% true. I found someone on Facebook that has really interesting information but sometimes, she copies words from other true sources and posts them as their own. This is FALSE ILLUMINATION.

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Want To Join My Angel Huggers Facebook Group?

Do you enjoy this blog? If so, you can join my Facebook group called Angel Huggers. It’s a small group, only about 150 members but most of them are active in the group and are there to learn about Angels and so much more!

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