How Do I Call In The Right Angel?

So many times I’m asked “Which Angel will help me with xyz?”
Each Angel has their own speciality, job, role, responsibility, function, whatever you want to call it. However, don’t put the stress on yourself by pondering which Angel’s role can help you in time of need.
Angel Hug soaring energies of 2017

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How Much “Stuff” Do We Need In Life?

This card represents the Root Chakra and POSSESSIONS. It seems we go through life like a bunch of squirrels gathering and collecting stuff. More stuff, all kinds of stuff, little, big, new and old. How much stuff do we need? Why do we need tons of stuff?

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Who Is The Angel Of Sound?

Shamael is all about Sound. This includes any sound from music, mantras, nature sounds and of course songs we love. Certain types of music touch us on a soul level. It can make us happy, sad, energetic and of course, remind us of a passed loved one. Also keep in mind that music also sounds like silence 

the angel of sound

We Are ALL Spiritual People says Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel, Fire of God, has a message of SPIRITUALITY today. Be mindful of your everyday life. What you do, who you meet, how you act. You are a Spiritual person on a special journey and everything in your life has meaning. Surround yourself in greatness. Look at life and the people in your life, as representations of this Divinity.

How can you tell that angels are around you

How Can I Heal Myself?

Since I’m going to be teaching classes (locally to me and digging deep here as well) about Chakras, I’m getting more and more into all that they can do. Not only are Angels associated with each Chakra but the cool thing is how they (Chakras) affect our physical body.

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Now Is The Time To Fight For You!

“Stand up and fight for what you believe in!”

The Angels are coming in sternly saying to be true to you and make the choices in life that will coincide with your highest good. You can no longer hide behind emotions or past thoughts because you are moving forward and the new energies are becoming part of you.


Yes it is a tough road but one worth fighting for. There are many people coming out of their Spiritual closet now and this thrills me to no end! I know it’s one of the scariest things to do yet it’s one that will move your soul leaps and bounds.

You make choices. Chose wisely ❤