Is There Such A Thing As An Angel With Several Sets Of Wings?

Angels come in many forms. This is one that I saw when I did a Chakra Reading for someone. It was the first time I saw an Angel with eight wings. It’s extremely rare to see this type of Angel so not only am I blessed to have seen it but I’m so happy for the client who has this around her.

Here’s an explanation of the Angel Hierarchy.



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Do you enjoy this blog? If so, you can join my Facebook group called Angel Huggers. It’s a small group, only about 150 members but most of them are active in the group and are there to learn about Angels and so much more!

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Learning Life’s Lessons Is All About Loyalty To Yourself

You gotta love life’s lessons right? A week shouldn’t go by without you learning something. It doesn’t have to be a big lesson just a tiny “oh yeah! That makes sense!” Or it can be a huge ah-ha moment.

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Archangel Metatron Holds His Presence In Egypt

So at this point you should know that:
• there are Angels that represent our Chakras
• there are Angels that are associated with certain crystals
• there are Angels that are associated with certain colors

Did you know that Angels are associated with certain geographic locations? Yes they are!


For example, Archangel Metatron has his “light temple” in Egypt. I have a HUGE connection to Egypt which is probably why I’m so drawn to Metatron.
See how all this is starting to come together?

How To Make an Intuition Pie

As I continue with my progress as a Psychic Medium, Angel Intuitive and just a regular old gal, there is one main issue that keeps popping up for most people who are leaning. What is it? Trust. Want to learn how to trust yourself more? I have a recipe for that!

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Look To The Element Of Water For Comfort

Archangel Shamael says to include water in all forms, part of your daily living.

Think back to before you were born when you were surrounded in the comfort of water. Tap into that feeling again and bring that into your life.

It’s all about new beginnings. Find what it is that you are birthing. Turn to the Water Element for answers.


Life Is All About Divine Timing

Most mornings I pull a card and ask the Angels “What is the message for the me today?” Today, it’s all about that Divine Timing.

Are we tired about hearing “it’s not time yet?” I know I am but we all know it’s so true. Just like a baby has to wait 9 months to be born, so does many other things.


RELEASE: Some of us still have to do a little more house (soul) cleaning and clearing before the next move. It’s a big process isn’t it? I say this because right before I pulled the card and pardon me, but I burped. I asked “what was that all about?” and heard RELEASE. Makes sense right?

When I went for my very early walk this morning and held my sodalite bracelet, I walked with very set intentions. With every step I took I said to myself, “with every step I walk and speak my truth. With every step I heal my body of all the toxins that don’t belong in my temple. As I walk I am one step closer to my Spiritual path as a Light Worker, Angel Intuitive and Psychic Medium. I feel good and I’m ready to move forward.”

As you walk or go about your day with intentions like this, you are slowly letting go of stuff you no longer need to allow the good things to come.

And so it is ❤