Teaser For My Next Online Class

“Put down your dream guides. You’re about to step into the world of animals, how to communicate with them, what it means when you see then in your dreams and how to recognize what they are trying to tell you. What’s the difference? You’ll learn about them through the eyes of a Medium.

There is so much you can learn through the internet but you never know what or who that source is. Here, I will give you an inside view and learning of how I communicate and connect with animals. What makes this class special? This class will be presented to you through my eyes, my Clairvoyant eye where I see things just a little differently than most people.”


What Angel Can Help Heal Our Pets?

So what’s the topic of today? Animals. It’s an odd coincidence but I know several people whose pets are not doing well or have health issues.

Why is this? Let’s find out about healing our pets and the Angels who can help.

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Why Are The Animals In Our Lives So Important To Us?

As I started my day today, the first feeling I got was “animals.” The birds were exceptionally loud this morning, I heard a dog crying out somewhere in the neighbors yard and I also saw a neighbor looking for her dog that escaped the yard since last night. Ever wonder why all these creatures are in our lives? What role do they play for us?

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Which Angel Connects Us To Our Animals?

Good morning Angels!

I pulled a card for today and a card showed up that doesn’t show up very often. I almost wanted to put it back in the deck and reshuffle but you can’t do that! So I asked for more insights and this is what the message from Archangel Thuriel has to say.

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