Your Choices Determine Your Experience Of Life. Choose Wisely!

MOVEMENT – Archangel Sandalphon says to keep your body moving, and your energy flowing so that your Chakras are kept healthy and your physical body strong. What about the movements in life that we can’t see?

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You Have The Angelic Power To Succeed

As a Certified Angel Intuitive, I take the messages that I hear very seriously. Today it’s all about self. Remember that what you do is good enough for you. The only person you have to please is you. Just for today, love you and all that you do. Everything you do is for a reason. Keep in mind that this is YOUR life and YOU are the boss of you. Love you and your Angelic presence. Place your hand on your heart and feel it ❤



How Do We Hold Onto Our Woo-Woo Zen?

“Awaken to the pure and infinite Source deep within you … and live from that space. You are that which you seek and so much more!”

I’ve said this before, when your mind and body become still, it’ then that you’ll receive clarity.

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The New Moon is The Perfect Time To Edit Your Life

Today is your day to manifest your desires. Make your dreams become a reality. Today on the day of the New Moon is the perfect time to set your sights HIGH and even ask the Universe for things you didn’t think were possible but you knew you could do.

Tap into today’s wisdom, strength and force to get you where you should be. Conquer your goals, don’t let them conquer you.

There is much love and wisdom around your aura expelling for your Chakras. You can feel it can’t you?

New Moon – new beginnings, time to edit all the things you want changed in your life because you just entered a new chapter in life.

It’s a blank page today for you. Write your story well my friends ❤

Now Is The Time To Fight For You!

“Stand up and fight for what you believe in!”

The Angels are coming in sternly saying to be true to you and make the choices in life that will coincide with your highest good. You can no longer hide behind emotions or past thoughts because you are moving forward and the new energies are becoming part of you.


Yes it is a tough road but one worth fighting for. There are many people coming out of their Spiritual closet now and this thrills me to no end! I know it’s one of the scariest things to do yet it’s one that will move your soul leaps and bounds.

You make choices. Chose wisely ❤

When It Comes To Wisdom, Discernment Is Key

You are more knowledgeable than you give yourself credit for. There are many things in life that are not the way that they appear. You have the ability to discern which is true and which is false. Tap into your Claircognizance (clear knowing) to feel where the truth lies. Again, always trust, there’s that word again, what you feel to be true ❤