When Angels Come In Human Forms

Most days I draw a card for myself and ask … Angels, what is my message for today? I kid you not, my day has started off rough and I’ve just been up for an hour at the most.

It’s so easy to tip to the side of negativity and even harder to stay on the positive sometimes.

I have to remind myself of my elements. I am Fire and Water. I’d say that most of the time, I am Water but I know that my Fire is always VERY close behind.

Angels come in many forms. Today, Carrie Beleno is my Angel and through her words of encouragement and positiveness, I feel I am closer to Water. Thank you Carrie ❤

So back to the card of the day.

I asked, “what is my message for today?” Confirmed. You can’t make this stuff up ❤

angelic power

Are Our Choices Set In Stone or Written In Sand?

Ever rethink a choice or decision you made over the years and now you want to change it back? What if it’s a love choice, career choice or a decision that you’ve made to end a friendship but now want restore it to the way it was?

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How Do I Change My Mind, Body And Spirit?

We all want to grow Spiriutally but how? What is the one thing that we can do that will send us soaring into that space and place where we want to be? Come read how making a few choices during the day will make a world of good for our Spirit.

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NOW Is The Time To Drop Your Fears

As time goes on and days go by we made choices in life that we are guided to do right? Well some choices feel really good with us but we often wonder how everyone else will react to the choices we make.

Now is the time to put all fears away. We already released all our shadows and fears with the Eclipse now it’s time to walk our walk and talk our talk.

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How Can I Get Through The Weekend With This Intense Eclipse Energy?

Morning Angels!!! Oh it’s a new day AND it’s Friday!

Choose just ONE thing for the weekend and do it. Do you have a project to do? An errand to run? A party to go to? An appointment to keep? Choose just one errand, complete it then stop.

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Look To The Element Of Water For Comfort

Archangel Shamael says to include water in all forms, part of your daily living.

Think back to before you were born when you were surrounded in the comfort of water. Tap into that feeling again and bring that into your life.

It’s all about new beginnings. Find what it is that you are birthing. Turn to the Water Element for answers.