Channeled Message: Trust What Your Body Is Telling You

Tapping into the Earth’s energies once again – can you feel it? One minute this and the next that, like water rolling off our faces, one minute we can breathe the next we can’t.

This is how the energy feels to us. When you “find it hard to breathe” like a contraction, just push through it.

When you feel it in your favor, hold onto that feeling and absorb it, its energy, grab it.

Learn from what you feel throughout your day. Energy is constantly changing around us and our poor earthly bodies have trouble processing all this.

Breathe in and hold it – exhale with the knowing that you just brought that energy in with you, forever part of your DNA.

Headache? Our thought process is changing. SO many thoughts of what to do, how to do and when to do it literally spins our head. How to fix it? Straighten your spin especially the area behind your neck. Make sure all your Chakras are inline in your spine.

Stomach problems? It’s our gut challenging us. Do we know where we’re going or do we just follow everyone else? Trust your gut (Solar Plexus) and what’s it’s telling you. How to fix it? Sit up straight and do not put pressure on your belly area. Expand it out and move that energy around.

Weird dreams? Nightmares? Having dreams of confusion? Insomnia? Sleep too much? This is our physical body working SO VERY HARD as we sleep. Our shell, our skin is going through turmoil as it adjusts to these energies. How to fix it? Go easy on yourself. Eat what you want. Drink plenty of water. Nap and bath is salt water. Treat your body like a temple. Process your thoughts as if there were pages in a book, flip them one by one and like a really long novel, just soak up what you can and don’t worry about the rest.

All the information that you are supposed to get you will receive. If you can’t absorb all of it now, it will come to you at another wave.

Love yourself. You are growing ❤

What Does Your Spiritual Happy Place Feel Like?

Sometimes the burdens of life can be devastating – life is no joke or at least at times, it feels that way right? So what do we do?

It is at these times when we grow closer to Source and call in our Angels and Guides. I know many of you say that you can’t feel them or see them therefore they don’t exist. SO NOT TRUE!!!!!!

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What Does The Owl Mean To You?

I wrote the following in response to someone in a private group that I’m in but the message was so HUGE I have to share it here. Someone ran over an owl with her car and killed it. She of course is very upset BUT there is a message there for her. Here is what I said:

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Your Time Is Now

Messages from four Archangels came in today with a strong message. Let’s hear what they have to day on this Wednesday morning.

“Be good to yourself!!! If there is something in life you want – get it. It there is something in life you don’t like, change it. If there is something in life that you desire, bring that into your life. We need you here front and center because YOU make a difference in so many lives but we want you to love and respect yourself first.

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The Energies of 2017 Are Already Here!

Morning Angels! Oh what an amazing day!!!

Last night before I went to bed I did a New Moon ritual and gave myself a hands on healing with the codes that Metatron gave me in January that I had used in a Reiki Attunement in November which was nothing short of a Spiritual experience.

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A Healing Message From Archangel Raphael

“Know that when you feel alone, I am with you. Just as the sun rises in the East, I start my day with you.

I see your heart is heavy but feel me there to lift it up.

I hear you call when you have tears in your eyes because the hurt in your life is too much.

I feel you reach out to me when you hit rock bottom and have no where else to go.

My Loved Ones, know that I am only just a breath away. Breathe me in when your life gets so unbearable that the weight of life has taken your breath away.

Know that I am just a glance away. Look for me because I am always with you.

Reach out your hand because I am there, right beside you. I have my healing wings wrapped around you because you are my Loved Ones!

Feel your heart well up with love because I am there filling it with all that YOU love. Just have faith because your heart is bigger than you know.”

healing from archangel raphael

Archangel Raphael