Coming Soon! My Angel Certification Class!

As the year comes to an end, I am excited to announce what’s in store for 2018. Who would like to become Angel Certified? Sound exciting? You better believe it!!!
I am putting together a VERY detailed online course and it’s all about the four main Archangels. There are MANY Angels but what I’ve found out is that if you get to know the four main Angels, your connection to the rest will be easy.
These are known as the Power Angels. They are your “go to” Angels on a daily basis so really get to know them and watch how they can enhance and fulfill your life.
Details for this class to be announced at a later day. I’m excited, are you?

Teaser For My Next Online Class

“Put down your dream guides. You’re about to step into the world of animals, how to communicate with them, what it means when you see then in your dreams and how to recognize what they are trying to tell you. What’s the difference? You’ll learn about them through the eyes of a Medium.

There is so much you can learn through the internet but you never know what or who that source is. Here, I will give you an inside view and learning of how I communicate and connect with animals. What makes this class special? This class will be presented to you through my eyes, my Clairvoyant eye where I see things just a little differently than most people.”


Everything You Wanted To Know About Becoming A Clairvoyant

An Online Class now available!

Clairvoyance, which translates to “clear seeing” is a great gift to have. It provides visual insights, teaches us to trust our intuition and just opens up a whole new world of information for you. It also provides a way that you can seek the answers that you’ve been asking but will receive them in form of images.

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A Conversation With My Guides; Here’s How It Went

There are a few Meet-Ups that I was planning on taking in about week and last night I was looking at the details so I can plan out my days. The night was quiet until I heard from my Guides. Here’s what they said.

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