What Colors Can Help Me Heal?

I may not have mentioned it at this point but I have another blog that I am very active on. It’s www.decoratingbydonna.com. On that website you’ll note that I specialize in color. I’ve been working as a color expert/interior designer for the past 30 years. What does this have to do with angels? A lot.

As a clairvoyant many of my messages are received visually. Color plays a huge role in that. As we step forward in our journey using our mind, body and spirit you’ll find that colors are also very healing.

I invite you to look at this on demand presentation that I created that focuses on healing hues. So much of our journey has to do with healing and if we can connect with color and visualize how healing can take place with just using color, a whole new world will open up.

Colors That Remind Us Of Angels

Did you ever look at a color and say, “Oh that color reminds me of Archangel Michael!” I bet your were looking at indigo blue too! Well there are certain colors that are very much symbolic of our Angelic Realm. Let’s go over some of the basics.

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What Color Connects Me To Archangel Jophiel?

Color plays a HUGE role in connecting with our Angels. Here I have a gorgeous yellow that symbolizes more than just paint on the wall (it feels nice and warm too, like the sun as the name says.)

Yellow is the color of our Solar Plexus and is also represented by Archangel Jophiel. It’s joy, empowerment, strength, will, personal power, self-worth, individualism, freedom of choice, ‘inner child’, the ego and personality.

If you feel those elements in your life are unbalanced, focus on yellow as in clothes, food, crystals and call in AA Jophiel.



Use Color To Connect With Your Angels

See color and connect with an Angel. These flowers represent the sensual side of you. How?

Orange taps into your Sacral Chakra, your ever-growing, always changing creative, sensual self. Archangel Gabriel is there to help you use this Chakra to the fullest.

Tap into the creative you and feel where it can take you. Again, creativity presents in many forms.


How Can I Clean My Aura?

Archangel Michael says that to declutter your life allows room for more to come in. Is this as obvious as doing a little spring cleaning in the home?

Clearing your space, your home, car, office, closet or yard is something that most of us do on a regular basis just to keep our space neat and tidy right? But what about the space that you cannot see?

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Do You Have A Color Connection With Your Angels?

Angels speak to us in many ways, color is one of them. Are you drawn to certain colors on certain days? Is what you wear making you feel happy, safe, sexy? These are all subliminal messages and yes, they come from our Angels.

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Color Can Be The Way You Identify What’s Around You

Morning everyone! How are the Angel Huggers today? I just woke up about 30 minutes ago, came into my office where I’ll be painting today and lit my oil burner. I was called to use Lemon Grass and Sweet Orange and these are the colors that came to mind.

color can be the way you identify what's around you

Ever put a color to your experiences? It’s a great way to learn. When you think you see an Angel, note the color. When you think you feel a Spirit in your home or around you, note the color.

Start thinking about color. This is also how you develop you Clairvoyance and start to be able to see auras. Bring color into your life – it helps with so many things!