Archangel Raphael Came To Me In A Dream Last Night

Dreams are so cool! They are like big puzzles and you have to figure them out.

You know Charlie from The Healer on TLC? He was in my dream last night representing Archangel Raphael. So – here it goes –

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Where Should I Go To Find Out What My Dreams Mean?

Ever have a dream that was SO real if totally freaked you out? I know I sure have! Don’t pick up the dream book. Those books are not for you. Every dream is 100% catered to the dreamer. The symbols that you see in your dreams do not have the same meanings as someone else’s.

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The Energies of 2017 Are Already Here!

Morning Angels! Oh what an amazing day!!!

Last night before I went to bed I did a New Moon ritual and gave myself a hands on healing with the codes that Metatron gave me in January that I had used in a Reiki Attunement in November which was nothing short of a Spiritual experience.

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A Visit From My Cat

My 18 year old cat who recently passed, visited me in my dream last night. He was young and healthy and most importantly, happy. I picked him up and felt his fur on my face. His eyes were big and happy. He told me his name because he looked a little different from when I saw him last. I knew who he was. I hugged and kissed him. I thanked him for the visit and he was gone. Melts my heart 

pet vistis

A Message From A King

I had a dream the other night of man. He wore a red velvet cape that was edged with gold filigree and he was of great stature. He put his hands on my Crown and Throat Chakra and held them there for a bit. His hands were so soft and warm – I could FEEL it in my dream.

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This Is What Happens When Your Vibration Gets Too Low

Morning everyone! – yesterday was very interesting and not in a good way. I just had a really off day and I probably know why.


I was reading a thread on a particular facebook group and there was a conversation going on about the “dark side” and I WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT!  It has nothing to do with fear like they said but the fact is that I will not feed the dark side in any way, shape or form. I will not give that energy even  one inkling of my energy not even during a conversation on facebook. Everyone has their right to talk about what they want in a group but I had to walk away. Even though I wasn’t participating in the chat anymore, every time I even saw a comment my vibration would get a step lower and lower and lower. With every word of “that yukky stuff”  I felt like my energy was taken out and feeding the ugly. So I left. I’ll be back when they get onto a lighter conversation but for now, I left.



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Symbols: What Do All These Images Mean?


When we dream, we see water, houses, boats, trees, teeth falling out, toilet bowls, big waves, bridges, newspapers. These are all symbols. Put them together and they tell a story but how so we decipher the meaning of these symbols? Continue reading