Hold Onto Your Hats! Today’s Moon Energy is Fierce

Wow talk about Moon Shenanigans. Yesterday was a really bad day for some of us. Let me ask – who got into an argument? A car innocent? Had a bad day at work? Was sick? Got a financial pinch in the wallet? Yea, thank the moon for that one.

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Please Stop Blaming Everything On The Retorgrade

Ever notice as soon as the headaches come in or someone’s mood changes the “experts” always say it’s because of the Retrograde? This is probably the main reason I don’t read, follow or subscribe to any of the energy readers. It’s not always because of the Retrograde, it goes much deeper.

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Are You Feeling Low Vibes Or Do You Just Not Understand What You ARE Feeling?

Journal post: This is an interesting question and one that I’ve noticed  has been brought up over and over again.

What exactly are you feeling today? Low energies or energies that you just don’t understand yet?

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Get Ready For 2017 With Your Upper Chakras and Metatron

2016 is the year of completion. 2017 is the year of New Beginnings. Come hear how to engage your upper chakras to get  you ready for 2017. Exciting times!

How To Get Messages From The Other Side

Well, talk about connecting with people on the other side. I have here another amazing video for you to watch, it’s a long one from Lisa Williams.

About half way through this video she was talking about how to connect with our loved ones from the other side. She then says to think about a person you want to connect with and think of a sign for them to show you. I called my Grandmother in and asked the sign she was to show me to be “coffee.”
Now the video is just about over and I take my iPad and turn up the volume so I can hear it as I walk across the room to turn some lights on – after all, it’s 7:30pm now and getting dark.
As Lisa winds up her chat, she says keep an eye out for those signs that you asked your loved ones to show you – it could be a penny, a feather, a cup of coffee … A WHAT I SAID TO MYSELF?
Coffee? Did Lisa just say COFFEE?????????
That – was MY sign that I wanted Grandma to show me. Oh – and to make it even more incredible, I just happened to be sipping on a cup of coffee the SAME time Lisa said the word COFFEE.
Oh and by the way, it’s 7:30 at night and a little late to even be drinking coffee don’t you think?
I love you Grandma ❤

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NOW Is The Time To Balance

This NEW time is all about BALANCE. It’s so clear that this is more important than ever now.
One side is black. The other side it white. Teeter too much to either side and you’ll feel unsteady. Stand in the middle and it feels just perfect.
It’s not easy to find balance in all we do. We experiment and push our limits and lean either to the left or to the right but always go back to center.
Archangel Metatron is here to help with this balance. Don’t let the outside influences of the world tip you to either side. Stand strong in YOU. Take off your masks, put away your facades and make your core strong. The core of your Soul which will guide you to your path.