What Happens When You “Find Your Power?”

As I’m tapping deeper into the Spirit world to connect and learn, I’m feeling that the true power resides in us. There are MANY levels of this awareness and it’s a difficult journey to find that level which feels right with our own energy. What I’m also finding is that when that “level” is found it bumps against other levels which happens to be that of the people around us. They say this journey is a lonely one and that it is but, and I say BUT, the presence of Source and Spirit feels like no other and it fills the soul. Life is complicated but listening to your authentic self will help ease 💜


Are You Living A Healthy Spiritual Life?

A healthy Spiritual relationship is when YOU keep YOUR power within yourself. Don’t run around cyber space looking for all the Mediums who give away free readings all the time. It’s not healthy for you and it’s not the way to keep energy healthy for the Medium.

angel cards

Ever see the live videos where people just spew out cards one after the other? Is THAT a reading? Well yea, that person is just reading what the card says and moving onto the next one. Card readings online are great when intuition is used first and the cards are just pulled for verification or a quick insight.

As time goes on and I connect more and more with my Angels and the energy gets clearer and purer. Readings are special gifts and are not to be tossed out in a group read like the Sunday paper. They are about emotions, insights, love and healing and should be given and received with love and respect ❤

Who Should Be In Your Life?

People are drawn to each other for a reason. Over time, you’ll find that there are many synchronicity’s that are discovered. That is how you know that you are with someone who is on or has a similar frequency / vibration as you. THESE are the people you should have in your life.

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The Power Of The Labyrinth

Tap into the power of the labyrinth. It may feel like you are walking in a miscellaneous direction but here, is where you need to trust your intuition. Close your eyes and walk. This way your soul will guide you to where you need to be.

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What The Heck Was Yesterday All About?

Whew! I am not into astrology but yesterday was a tough one to get through. I know we had a slight geomagnetic flair which causes havoc on us sensitive ones. I still feel slight fairs today and they are there but minor ones – still. I’m breathing through them and if weather permits, heading outside to connect with the vibration in earth that suits me.

Oh and it was also the New Moon phase yesterday which I just love!!! It’s when my psychic abilities are pretty darn strong they just got counteracted by that hard energy.

Pushing forward. Keep in mind life is all about balance and it’s ok to admit that you had a rough day. That is all part of bringing your shadows forward and healing them.

Use The Geomagnetic Flares To Your Advantage!

A little geomagnetic flare came in today BUT … you all are strong Light-Workers now. Tap into that energy and use it to your advantage. No more speaking of headaches, anxiety and body aches. Yes we will have them but change your thought process from complaining to AWESOME. Make your magic happen!!!

use the geomagnetic flares to your advantage