The Boy Who Was Afraid Of Balloons; A Story Of Connecting With Energy

When you call out into the Universe, someone will aways hear you. Come read the story about the day I connected with a little boy, somewhere in the world.



“But I don’t want to go to the birthday party” said Stephen. His mom replied with “but you should go, you’ll have fun and all your friends will be there.”

“But I don’t want to go! “There will be balloons and clowns and lots of noises! I want to stay home with you mommy!”

“Steven go get your present and let’s go in the car. I’ll take you to your friends house, you’ll have a good time.”

I’m sitting outside right before sunset enjoying the beautiful colors in the sky listening to the birds and watching them get their last meal for the day before they bed down when I hear from Steven.

“I’m afraid of balloons! I’m afraid of balloons! Keep them away! Keep them away!”

And I heard this in my head over and over.

I didn’t mean to smile to myself when I saw little Steven in my minds eye, only about eight years old, blonde hair and the most gorgeous blue eyes you could imagine. He also was horribly afraid of balloons – from what I heard.

From what I heard? Where is this information coming from and why is it so clear in my head? What’s happening here?

Primary colors fill the room. The smell of birthday cake was in the air and there were children playing games, running around,  eating cake and having a good time and then there was Steven in the corner of the room.

I saw him standing there with his hands and his fingers in his mouth, shaking. His blonde hair and white face were almost the same color he was so pale from fright.

He was calling out for somebody to help him, anyone.

And I heard him! I heard his cry for help. Not that it was a serious event but to Steven, it sure was.

I thought for a moment then remembered that some people really do have a fear balloons. I remembered when I was a kid I blew a blown up so big and I was so proud that I got it so very very big until it popped and suddenly, it wasn’t so wonderful anymore.

To this day even I feel uncomfortable standing around a huge balloon thinking it’s going to pop in my face and I’d feel the pain when the latex would smack up against my cheeks. So I know how Stephan feels.

So what’s this story all about? Where did it come from?

Somehow my spirit connected with Stevens spirit. Stephen was not dead, he was very much alive and well, frightened but alive.

You know how you have a moment of fright where you think you’re going to die or get hurt and you say “Oh please help me! Someone please get me out of here!”

Well where do you think those words go? Out to the Universe.

Who do you think hears them? A person with the gift of Clairaudience, or one that can “hear”. I happen to be one that can hear and see, clairaudience and clairvoyance, so I got a double whammy here.

“Stephen, please don’t be afraid the balloons. They are just balloons and yes they will make a loud pop but they won’t hurt you I promise” I said to Stephen in my mind.

“In a few moments your mommy is going to come and pick you up and you’ll go home and you don’t have to worry about the balloons anymore. Just try to have a good time with your friends and walk away from the balloons, don’t even look at them.”

I saw little Steven walk away with his baggy little pants and sweat on his brow because he was still very afraid of those balloons but he was a good sport and he walked away with his mom into the car and went home.

So the next day I’m in my own home going about my business cleaning the house, doing my work, taking care of the pets or kids whatever it was I was doing and Steven popped back in my mind.

“Steven? Is that you?” I asked.

I saw Steven standing in the corner of a room again but it was his room in his house and the balloons were there!!!!!!

“What happened Steven? Why are you still afraid and what are the balloons doing in your room?”

“My mommy brought them home for me she thought I’d like them.”

“Stephen, don’t be afraid. See how the balloons are smaller and a little shriveled up? They are floating down, down, down to the floor. They won’t pop and they can’t scare you any more. Just watch them as they get smaller and smaller. This time tomorrow they will be just little blobs of rubbery color on the floor and you can pick them up and throw them away.”

You’re ok, you’re ok. You’re a very brave little boy.

And that was the last I heard and saw of Steven.

Pretty cool story isn’t it? I was so surprised when this happened because usually Mediums connect with dead people but Steven was very much alive. He had a very strong spirit and when he said his words, out to the Universe they went. As a Sensitive, I heard them and helped him. This day I learned that I can connect with energies of people both alive and past. (and just to note this story took place in 2015)

The odd thing about this is that I heard and saw a live, living person not once but a few days later! When I didn’t hear anything in the next few days I realized that those balloons were not longer a threat to Stephen because I could hear him no more.

I wonder if I’ll ever meet Steven someday? After all, our spirits are now connected.

The Night I Almost Shot A Ghost

Last night I was lying in bed reading my iPad, playing Solitaire and just relaxing after a great day of enjoying my new pergola in the yard.

TV and radio were off because I like a really quite room. Three out of my four cats were on the bed with me, Hubs was not home from work yet and I was just enjoying chilling at the end of the night.

night Continue reading

The Ghost That Helped Me Paint


I’ve been paining since I was 10 years old. In my 50th year, I pretty much know how to paint a beach scene since I grew up on the beautiful Long Island as my inspiration. However, one day while I was painting this beach scene, I had a little help.

I was in my painting studio in the basement of my Pittsburgh house about 10 years ago. I already painted several paintings and when I was done I noticed that I had quite a bit of oil paint left over.

I didn’t want to waste it so I grabbed another canvas and whipped up a beach scene which I just love to do – and again – living on Long Island for the first 28 years of my life played a big role in the beach love.

Anyway, all was done, so I thought. I looked at that painting and felt it needed just one more thing – a fence! After all, a beach won’t be complete without some type of dilapidated fence.

So I took a few steps back from my easel and looked at my painting. I loved the colors, thought the black sand was unique and the flora added both a touch of color and a little dimension in the painting and I was able to put my extra oil to good use.

As I looked at the painting with my fingers resting on my chin in the thinking pose, I thought to my self how nice it would be to have a fence in there somewhere.

I looked and looked but couldn’t quite figure out where this fence should go or what it should look like. So then it happened. I said it out loud:

“Where should I put the beach fence?’

I don’t know why I said it out loud but I did. I didn’t know it at the time but when you say things out loud, it has a much higher vibration then if you just think it.

I continued to stare at the painting then all of a sudden I saw the painting starting to change.

Now this is the part of the story that is hard to believe and I know you are saying “yea right, I call bullshit” but I kid you not and bet my life on what I’m about to say is the truth. I have nothing to gain making this stuff up, after all, have you read the other things on this blog? See a pattern?

As I continue to look at the painting I see a fence starting to appear. It was just gray blurry lines at first so I thought I had something in my eyes so I closed my eyes and rubbed them just a bit.

I opened my eyes and blinked a dozen times to clear my lens and it was still there. Vertical gray lines, like you see in the painting where the fence is,  clear as day.

I looked and looked and now panic has set in.

“What the heck is that?”

I saw a fence forming on my painting clear as day. Not faint and fuzzy but gray and black fence poles just appeared on my painting!

Did you ever hear the saying “I was so scared that all the hairs on my neck stood up?”

Well that is the first time I knew what that felt like. As ALL the tiny little hairs on my next stood up I put my hands over my eyes and counted to 10 just like in the movies, and when I opened my eyes, everything would be gone.


Open eyes.

Fence is still there!!!!


Open eyes. Fence is STILL there!!!!!!!!!!

My heart was racing and I was scared but not the frightening kind of scare. I was more surprised and then as the what seemed like many minutes ticking by, I continued to look at the painting and the fence was still there.

I remember actually chuckling a little as this point which was a strange reaction I know but I now believe it was my Guides, who I know have a sense of humor (yup, another post) so I felt ok.

Again I said out loud, “ok, if that’s where you think the fence would go, then that’s where I’ll put it.”

I picked up my palette knife, dipped it half in black and gray just like you see in the painting and placed the paint exactly where I was shown to put it.

Shadows, placement, color and all was done by the help of a ghost. It could have been my Guides or it could have been the Spirit of a painter passed. I’ll never know but when I put that palette knife down and looked at the painting, the fence is exactly where it needed to be.

The lesson learned is be careful what you say out loud. Words have a higher vibration when you speak them and you never know who’s listening.

Donna 🌀