If Today Was Your Last Day On Earth, How Would You Spend It?

“I would spend the day in the mountains with my husband. I’d tell my family where I was going and what I was doing to let them know but I’d be in a place of peace. Going to the mountains and “just being” is my love not theirs so there is no need for them to be with me, just in spirit. I’d soak up the earth energy in the day and the stars at night. As my eyes close for the last time, I’d know my love is with me and my heart, at peace.”

What how would you spend your last day?

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When Angels Give You Ideas

Ever wonder where ideas come from? Not just the ideas that are “every day” but the ones that come out of left field? It’s like the Angels just popped a bucket of awesomeness right in your head. Come read how this works.

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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Find Their Chill

If there is one lesson I’ve learned is to listen to your body. When you go, go, go, go, go all the time your internal energy goes berserk. What happens? You get sick. Please take time to do nothing once in a while before your body forces you to.



It’s Important To Slow Down And Enjoy Life


Isn’t it awesome to slow down? It’s amazing what we notice and how great we feel when we do. I remember when I was a young mother chasing around two kids 18 months apart and I couldn’t focus on anything but them. One day I decided to sit on the sofa and listen to classical music for 10 minutes for two reasons, (1) to see if I could and (2) to remember how it felt. I cried that day because those 10 minutes were the best ever. 22 years later I still remember that day and how good it felt. When I find myself getting all spooled up, I sit down for just 10 minutes to listen … to nothing at all.

What Does The Owl Mean To You?

I wrote the following in response to someone in a private group that I’m in but the message was so HUGE I have to share it here. Someone ran over an owl with her car and killed it. She of course is very upset BUT there is a message there for her. Here is what I said:

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When The Universe Says JUMP You Say HOW HIGH?

Good morning Angels! Starting the day with a little honesty. Are you being honest with yourself?


Deep down we know what we want in life but sometimes there are obstacles that pop up. These obstacles make it a challenge to be who we want to be.

Do you know why we have these bumps in the road? To make sure that the things that we seek are the things that we want to do.

Nothing in life that is worthwhile comes easy. If it did, it would have no value. Fight for the things you want in life and when those bumps come your way, just step higher to get over them.

Be honest with yourself and your journey. Reach for what it is that you want no matter how high you have to jump ❤

Why Are People In Our Lives?

We all know about lessons right? You know that the people we meet are in our lives for a reason, when that reason is fulfilled that “friend” or person slowly slips out of our lives. Come find out why this is and learn the reason behind these “friendships.”

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