Be Careful Of Who You Choose As A Mentor

One MAIN fact I’m teaching my students is to trust ones self. Sure, read, read and read about the past but first, read yourself and rely on self-awareness and one’s own intuition. We are or should be growing a generation of what I like to call “New Wave Mediums” where we rely first on ourselves and our intuitions before relying on outside sources. Some advisors/teachers are a bit antiquated when it comes to their views and instead of relying on past experiences of other Mediums should be going full blast into the future of what has yet to be discovered. It’s a large feat but I’m ready to go there.

tap into your power of intuition

How Is Friendship Like Cooking?

Well one day you’re making a basic meal for yourself and using ingredients that are not the best or healthiest choices. Then by some chain of events, that “meal” slips out of your hands and falls all over the floor.

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Do The Spider Webs In Your Life Prevent You From Walking Your Path?

When is a spiderweb not a spider web? When it’s the things in life that can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from moving forward, like a block, barrier or some inconvenience in life that will make you throw your hands up in the air and give up.

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Are You Keeping Your Mind In The NOW?

So many of us are worried about the future and ponder the past. Are we missing out on the now?

Try to be mindful of what’s happing now, in your present time. Feel it, live it, own it. You’ll be surprised the insights you get when you do. Try it.

Slow down, breathe and just for 10 minutes, be in the now.

waves of insights

I Just Made The Wrong Choice!!!!!

Sometimes the choices we make may feel like the wrong ones but know that each thought, each choice and every experience in life is to learn. Life is our school and some lessons are harder to understand than others.

The thing here to remember is that when we feel what we think is the “wrong” direction or choice, may be just a way of life leading us to what was right for us and where we needed to be.

Think deeper. Keep positive and know that we are being guided to where we need to be ❤


The Power Of The Labyrinth

Tap into the power of the labyrinth. It may feel like you are walking in a miscellaneous direction but here, is where you need to trust your intuition. Close your eyes and walk. This way your soul will guide you to where you need to be.

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2018 Will Be All About YOU!

As I get ready to shut down my office for the year I was going to write this big old fancy year end post that would recap the year. Then I thought, why should I recap what we already know? I’d rather chat about all that’s in store for 2018. Sound good?

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If Today Was Your Last Day On Earth, How Would You Spend It?

“I would spend the day in the mountains with my husband. I’d tell my family where I was going and what I was doing to let them know but I’d be in a place of peace. Going to the mountains and “just being” is my love not theirs so there is no need for them to be with me, just in spirit. I’d soak up the earth energy in the day and the stars at night. As my eyes close for the last time, I’d know my love is with me and my heart, at peace.”

What how would you spend your last day?

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