What Colors Can Help Me Heal?

I may not have mentioned it at this point but I have another blog that I am very active on. It’s www.decoratingbydonna.com. On that website you’ll note that I specialize in color. I’ve been working as a color expert/interior designer for the past 30 years. What does this have to do with angels? A lot.

As a clairvoyant many of my messages are received visually. Color plays a huge role in that. As we step forward in our journey using our mind, body and spirit you’ll find that colors are also very healing.

I invite you to look at this on demand presentation that I created that focuses on healing hues. So much of our journey has to do with healing and if we can connect with color and visualize how healing can take place with just using color, a whole new world will open up.

How Can I Heal Myself?

Since I’m going to be teaching classes (locally to me and digging deep here as well) about Chakras, I’m getting more and more into all that they can do. Not only are Angels associated with each Chakra but the cool thing is how they (Chakras) affect our physical body.

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