Now Is The Time To Reprogram Our Thoughts

Let’s reprogram our thoughts. Many people are saying that now is the time to RELEASE and this is very true however, we’ve been releasing all year-long. Now is the time to do the opposite and COLLECT or GATHER all that you want and seek in life. Let’s start moving up the ascension ladder and begin to WALK INTO our frequency. We are light, we are Angels, let’s get the mindset of that and wrap our heads around all of which that entails. When you have THIS kind of mindset, watch how your life will begin to change ❤

If Today Was Your Last Day On Earth, How Would You Spend It?

“I would spend the day in the mountains with my husband. I’d tell my family where I was going and what I was doing to let them know but I’d be in a place of peace. Going to the mountains and “just being” is my love not theirs so there is no need for them to be with me, just in spirit. I’d soak up the earth energy in the day and the stars at night. As my eyes close for the last time, I’d know my love is with me and my heart, at peace.”

What how would you spend your last day?

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When Angels Look A lot Like People

You know how relationships dissolve and sometimes it just leaves you scratching your head? Well for the past two years or so, there was this group of “like-minded” people that I used to be really close with but somehow, things didn’t feel right and I chose to cut cords.

For myself, I know how they felt and I know the reason why things played out the way they did but deep down in my head, I often wondered what the real deal was. Come read how I got answers.

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When Angels Give You Ideas

Ever wonder where ideas come from? Not just the ideas that are “every day” but the ones that come out of left field? It’s like the Angels just popped a bucket of awesomeness right in your head. Come read how this works.

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The Day I Chose To Follow My Inner Light; Diwali

Three years ago today I decided to walk my 2nd path which is what I’m doing now. It was a big step for me to pursue all that this journey involves from classes, workshops, events, meditations, new friends, losing old ones, talking the talk, walking the walk and forever moving forward in this direction. Yes it’s be a long strange trip as they say but it was and is a life changer for sure. This journey is constantly evolving and changing for it is energy and light, with is a constant source of movement and feelings. My journey has barely begun because I can see what is ahead of me in the future but I need to know how to arrive there, and when. I trust that inner light that I followed and more importantly, I trust me for following through with it. Do you follow your inner light? Today is a good day to start.

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When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Find Their Chill

If there is one lesson I’ve learned is to listen to your body. When you go, go, go, go, go all the time your internal energy goes berserk. What happens? You get sick. Please take time to do nothing once in a while before your body forces you to.



Live Life The Best You Can But Start With YOU

Morning Angels! How is everyone today? As I woke up this morning I was asking myself what is the message for me today.

I walked into my office and either was going to go out for my morning walk or do a quick meditation. Meditation it was.

So I sat on the floor and put my salt lamp on. It sits on a glass top table with a deer statue underneath it, it’s really quite pretty, my mom bought it for me years ago.

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Don’t Forget To Exercise ALL Your Senses

So I’m out for my morning walk and it’s super creepy. The sun was not up yet (here in the USA) the birds weren’t even singing and the crickets were still chirping.

I’m walking down the street wondering why everything is so quite. No cars leaving the homes, no lights nothing.

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What Is False Illumination?

It’s interesting. Yesterday I was talking about “false illumination” in my Angel Huggers Facebook group. My Angels were having us be aware of those who call themselves Lightworkers but for some reason or another, they are not 100% true. I found someone on Facebook that has really interesting information but sometimes, she copies words from other true sources and posts them as their own. This is FALSE ILLUMINATION.

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