Memorial Day Message. Watch For Facades

I woke up this morning and was waiting for a message from Spirit. I started looking through my facebook feeds and it was just too “off.” Some people are sick, tired, complaining about something, responding to all the fake news still, needing to change their bodies with commercial products – all kinds of stuff.

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Journal: Yes, I will bend but I will not break … at least not today

Life can be challenging some days. Some days are smooth sailing and some are a bit bumpy. I know that everything that happens in life is a lesson. I know that no matter what comes my way, I can handle it. The key here is to not spin out of control.

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What To Do When Life Feels Like You’re Walking In Quicksand

So yesterday was a day that I found really hard to focus. I got nowhere quick, ate too much, didn’t go for my walk because it was too cold outside, the cats threw up and I just felt like I was walking in quicksand.
We’ll all have days like this but I know the weather doesn’t help. It’s cold out for some of us and the full moon was in full swing. What to do? Focus.

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Journal: Pay Attention To Details

Are you paying attention?

Part of working with Angels is being able to pay attention to the smallest detail. So many times signs are right in front of you but they go unnoticed. Come see the tiniest detail that I saw this morning that most people wouldn’t even notice.

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Are You Feeling Low Vibes Or Do You Just Not Understand What You ARE Feeling?

Journal post: This is an interesting question and one that I’ve noticed  has been brought up over and over again.

What exactly are you feeling today? Low energies or energies that you just don’t understand yet?

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I Put Myself In Intuition Jail

Saturday I hosted an event called “How To Hear Your Angels” at a local B&B and it was awesome!!!

During set-up, someone had lost her keys and was frantically looking for them before the class showed up plus she had to drive somewhere and that would be hard to do without the car keys.

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How To Jump A Timeline

I’ve come across some really odd situations the past few days. People acting out of character and as an empath, I really took some of if not most of this to heart.

I felt myself getting spooled up BUT I grabbed a hold of myself and realized that this was not my “stuff.” I also choose to change my timeline and do something about it.

jumping timelines

In my mind I gathered up the events that took place that irked me and dissected each one. I then realized that I had absolutely nothing to do with these events that went sour – it was the other people who chose to act/speak/live out of line.

In my mind’s eye I gathered them all up and put them in a pile (great clairvoyant exercise by the way) I looked at the pile and took one big step to left or right – didn’t matter – then one BIG step forward. I kept walking forward until that pile was way behind me.

Keep in mind YOU are in control of YOU. If you don’t like something, change it. It you want abundance, walk towards it. Don’t let the BS of life rule YOU because it’s your life and you make it the way you want to. Once you walk in that knowing, your path opens up your intentions. THIS IS 2017!

I just jumped a timeline … and feel great. Here, I chose to change my future by stepping out of a timeline that I so did not want to be in. See how this works?