Live Life The Best You Can But Start With YOU

Morning Angels! How is everyone today? As I woke up this morning I was asking myself what is the message for me today.

I walked into my office and either was going to go out for my morning walk or do a quick meditation. Meditation it was.

So I sat on the floor and put my salt lamp on. It sits on a glass top table with a deer statue underneath it, it’s really quite pretty, my mom bought it for me years ago.

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Don’t Forget To Exercise ALL Your Senses

So I’m out for my morning walk and it’s super creepy. The sun was not up yet (here in the USA) the birds weren’t even singing and the crickets were still chirping.

I’m walking down the street wondering why everything is so quite. No cars leaving the homes, no lights nothing.

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What Is False Illumination?

It’s interesting. Yesterday I was talking about “false illumination” in my Angel Huggers Facebook group. My Angels were having us be aware of those who call themselves Lightworkers but for some reason or another, they are not 100% true. I found someone on Facebook that has really interesting information but sometimes, she copies words from other true sources and posts them as their own. This is FALSE ILLUMINATION.

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What Does The Owl Mean To You?

I wrote the following in response to someone in a private group that I’m in but the message was so HUGE I have to share it here. Someone ran over an owl with her car and killed it. She of course is very upset BUT there is a message there for her. Here is what I said:

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How Can I Be The True Me?

As I get on in years and I’m quickly approaching my 55th year, I’m starting to shed layers and it feels great!  The one part of our body that is the most imporant, we keep hidden the longest. Come find out how to reveal it.

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Memorial Day Message. Watch For Facades

I woke up this morning and was waiting for a message from Spirit. I started looking through my facebook feeds and it was just too “off.” Some people are sick, tired, complaining about something, responding to all the fake news still, needing to change their bodies with commercial products – all kinds of stuff.

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Journal: Yes, I will bend but I will not break … at least not today

Life can be challenging some days. Some days are smooth sailing and some are a bit bumpy. I know that everything that happens in life is a lesson. I know that no matter what comes my way, I can handle it. The key here is to not spin out of control.

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What To Do When Life Feels Like You’re Walking In Quicksand

So yesterday was a day that I found really hard to focus. I got nowhere quick, ate too much, didn’t go for my walk because it was too cold outside, the cats threw up and I just felt like I was walking in quicksand.
We’ll all have days like this but I know the weather doesn’t help. It’s cold out for some of us and the full moon was in full swing. What to do? Focus.

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