How Is Your Spiritual Journey Like Cleaning Your Closet?

In your closet, you remove the clothes that no longer fit so you can replace it with clothes that look better and also feel good right? Well the same goes for your Spiritual journey.

How is your Spiritual journey like cleaning your closet?

When you get rid of or remove the things in your life that no longer “feel right” you then make room and look forward to adding the things in your life, that are a perfect fit. This pertains to people, things right down to thought processes in your head.

You are changing. It’s time to update your closet ❤

Do You Connect With Birds?

I am an avid birdwatcher. I have a new camera and find taking pictures of birds is so enjoyable. Every bird has a spiritual symbolism. What bird stands out for you?

“As a totem blackbird has an extraordinary meaning. Blackbirds represent knowledge. They are carriers of intelligence and quick wit, so everybody born under this totem or everyone with a blackbird as a spiritual animal, has a big possibility of being extremely smart and intelligent. … Blackbirds also represent intuition.”



When Angels Ask US to Help

“Dear Ones, as I protect you I ask that you protect that which is around you.”

This is the message that I felt this morning from Archangel Michael. What does it mean? It’s a reminder to be mindful of the world around us. The small creatures that need our help from bees to birds. Those that do not have power or voice need our energy and love to help them along. Look out and beyond yourself to see how you can help Nature thrive. Plant those flowers that feed butterflies and birds. Have feeders for the bees who are crying for our help. Help the creatures that are in harm’s way – intervene where you feel you need to be to help and protect our Nature.

What is meant to be will happen. Be aware of your surroundings. Open your heart and take that extra step to help those living things who are reaching out ❤


I Just Made The Wrong Choice!!!!!

Sometimes the choices we make may feel like the wrong ones but know that each thought, each choice and every experience in life is to learn. Life is our school and some lessons are harder to understand than others.

The thing here to remember is that when we feel what we think is the “wrong” direction or choice, may be just a way of life leading us to what was right for us and where we needed to be.

Think deeper. Keep positive and know that we are being guided to where we need to be ❤


When Angels Give You Ideas

Ever wonder where ideas come from? Not just the ideas that are “every day” but the ones that come out of left field? It’s like the Angels just popped a bucket of awesomeness right in your head. Come read how this works.

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The Day I Chose To Follow My Inner Light; Diwali

Three years ago today I decided to walk my 2nd path which is what I’m doing now. It was a big step for me to pursue all that this journey involves from classes, workshops, events, meditations, new friends, losing old ones, talking the talk, walking the walk and forever moving forward in this direction. Yes it’s be a long strange trip as they say but it was and is a life changer for sure. This journey is constantly evolving and changing for it is energy and light, with is a constant source of movement and feelings. My journey has barely begun because I can see what is ahead of me in the future but I need to know how to arrive there, and when. I trust that inner light that I followed and more importantly, I trust me for following through with it. Do you follow your inner light? Today is a good day to start.

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What Is False Illumination?

It’s interesting. Yesterday I was talking about “false illumination” in my Angel Huggers Facebook group. My Angels were having us be aware of those who call themselves Lightworkers but for some reason or another, they are not 100% true. I found someone on Facebook that has really interesting information but sometimes, she copies words from other true sources and posts them as their own. This is FALSE ILLUMINATION.

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