How To Jump A Timeline

I’ve come across some really odd situations the past few days. People acting out of character and as an empath, I really took some of if not most of this to heart.

I felt myself getting spooled up BUT I grabbed a hold of myself and realized that this was not my “stuff.” I also choose to change my timeline and do something about it.

jumping timelines

In my mind I gathered up the events that took place that irked me and dissected each one. I then realized that I had absolutely nothing to do with these events that went sour – it was the other people who chose to act/speak/live out of line.

In my mind’s eye I gathered them all up and put them in a pile (great clairvoyant exercise by the way) I looked at the pile and took one big step to left or right – didn’t matter – then one BIG step forward. I kept walking forward until that pile was way behind me.

Keep in mind YOU are in control of YOU. If you don’t like something, change it. It you want abundance, walk towards it. Don’t let the BS of life rule YOU because it’s your life and you make it the way you want to. Once you walk in that knowing, your path opens up your intentions. THIS IS 2017!

I just jumped a timeline … and feel great. Here, I chose to change my future by stepping out of a timeline that I so did not want to be in. See how this works?


The Angelic Realm Says, “Just Bee”

Morning Angels! How is everything going? Let’s chat.

So much has been going on in my neck of the woods and it’s all wonderful. After working with AA Metatron VERY closely for most of this year, I felt him leave last night. I’m a little sad but I’m also excited because I know there’s another Archangel that has something special to show me.

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So One Day I Was Having a Chat With Michael

Who wants a laugh? Ok – the other day I was taking a rest in my room. It was quiet, no one was in the house and I felt it was a good time to chat with my Angels.

I said to myself, well I was talking to my Angels but wasn’t speaking out loud, I said, “Michael? How about we have a chat?”

chatting with archangel michael

Then all of a sudden I see what looked like the sculpture by Auguste Rodin, The Thinker clairvoyantly pop up next to me and I clairaudiently hear, “What do you want to talk about?”

Well I was so startled that I totally forgot my thoughts!!!! How’s that for crazy?

Ask Your Higher Self What Is The Essence of You

On another blog I read, Yellow Wolf Enlightenment, I read Julia’s post and it was about Value. Not just about values and what that means to her but she asked her Higher Self some questions and for some pretty interesting answers.

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Walk Slow But Walk Steady

Take your time and walk. There is no rush getting to where you need to be but sometimes, if feels like we’re walking in sand. It slows you down a bit, messes up your pedicure and you may even step on something sharp BUT keep in mind that your destination is where you need to be. You have a strong stride and you will get there. Get it?


Oh Smudge Wand, Why Do You Have To Smell Like Pot When You Burn?

Oh I LOVE my smudge wands and make my own however, when I burn them outside my neighbors think I’m smoking pot!

Right? Who here uses a smudge wand? Probably most of you. Don’t you love the way it smells?

I make my own wands. I add my own Rosemary, homegrown Sage and Lavender – all from my garden.

Not only is it good to smudge but in the evening, it keeps the bugs away.

The other night my son comes outside when I was relaxing and burning my wand in the fire pit and he says, “Mom!!!! Are you smoking pot?”

Really kid????

Lol, totally funny and he’s right. It does have … a very familiar smell however, it’s just a smudge wand folks 🙂