When Is The Best Time To Meditate?

The morning is a great time to meditate and to start your day off with set intentions and a clear mindset. Come find out the pros and cons of meditating times throughout the day.
When is the best time to meditate?
Afternoon is also a great time to take a much need monkey mind break and clear that all away. However if you work, it would be difficult to get some quite time needed for a nice long meditate.
Evening is also a great time to meditate because you can go through all the thoughts for the day and clean that from your mind as well. The perfect thing to do right before you go do sleep however, from my experience, meditating at this time usually does turning into a nap 🙂
So when is the perfect time to meditate? For me, it’s dusk right before the sun sets. When the weather is nice I like to sit outside, face West and soak up all those warm colors (I’m always about the color) and bring that feeling in. If I’m inside, I like to put my salt lamp on, still face West (there is a reason for this but will talk about it in another post) and enjoy the lighting of just the minimal salmon hue of my lamp. It’s like a spa trip for my eyes.
I forgot to meditate last night but the night before that was awesome! My notes of “time” (apparently my theme for the year so far) came in with such clarity and visuals. It was such a cool experience.

“Keep Your Eyes Open So You Can See Dual Worlds”

I wanted to share something with you. Last Friday when I was doing a morning meditation something pretty cool happened. I was holding a clear quartz crystal about 3″ long in my hand. I opened my eyes and looked at it. You know how when you look at something and stare at it for a while you get “daydream eyes” and you see two images? Well that happened.

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Learn To Trust Yourself! A Meditation To Learn How To Find YOU

If there is anything in this world that will hold us back, it’s not trusting ourselves enough to move forward.

We’ve all been there, we think it’s right, but we doubt ourselves only to find out that, yup, we were right! Then BAM! There goes the hand slap to the head saying “I knew it!!!!!”

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Meditation To Meet Relatives That Have Passed


I did a meditation yesterday specially to meet with my passed Grandfather. Once I grounded and protected I called him in. I wrote his name down on a piece of paper and out loud asked him to step closer to me.

As soon as I said that I got this tremendous lump in my throat and tears just came pouring out of my eyes. I then asked him to step back and the feeling lessened and I composed. I then asked him to step closer to me to see if I got the same teary feeling – just to confirm that it was him – and I did!

I asked him to talk to me and I saw in my mind the name he always called me, Donnie. Well the flood waters opened up again and it was beautiful!!!! I thanked him for visiting me and closed the meditation.

If anyone wants to try this mediation, it’s a really good way to take it step by step and guide you to connecting with the one you love that has passed. Make sure you ground and protect before you start.