Now Is The Time To Set Your Intentions for Tonights New Moon

I stepped into the darkness of the New Moon last night. No shadows, no judgement no light. It was very peaceful, tranquil and I felt like I had the whole moon to myself for just a few minutes.

Intentions were set and my path set into motion. I voiced my desires out loud in a continual, monotone note as if I had rehearsed my speech for hours when in fact if flowed right off my tongue, effortlessly. I feel that I began to manifest my true path as I felt chills on my body.

My time is now. I stepped forward and excepted the path I chose to take. It felt good, right and like I’ve been doing this … for lifetimes ❤

new moon intentions

Today’s Moon Phase is All About Balance

Today the moon is almost at 50% – 45% to be exact. Follow the moon phases? The moon has a strong pull and can really affect the way we act and feel.


Today is a good day for BALANCE. So, if you feel your life is going too much in one direction and you’re feeling a bit off kilter, now’s the time to get yourself back on track.

How? You can start with color oddly enough. You can wear black and white as a physical reminder to be in balance.

You can also do something that is not the norm for you. For example, if you find yourself constantly sitting at a desk typing away at the computer or if your nose is constantly in your phone, now is the time to unplug and get outside. Go for a walk in the park, play in the garden, take the pups out for a walk or just sit in the sun.

The New Moon is The Perfect Time To Edit Your Life

Today is your day to manifest your desires. Make your dreams become a reality. Today on the day of the New Moon is the perfect time to set your sights HIGH and even ask the Universe for things you didn’t think were possible but you knew you could do.

Tap into today’s wisdom, strength and force to get you where you should be. Conquer your goals, don’t let them conquer you.

There is much love and wisdom around your aura expelling for your Chakras. You can feel it can’t you?

New Moon – new beginnings, time to edit all the things you want changed in your life because you just entered a new chapter in life.

It’s a blank page today for you. Write your story well my friends ❤

Does a Super Full Moon Mean Super Powers?

Tomorrow, December 3rd we will have a Super Full Moon. This means that the moon is not only full but it’s also in Perigee. Perigee is the point in the orbit of the moon or a satellite at which it is nearest to the earth. Together, the two elements of the Full Moon and Perigee, make it “super.” Now I as you, does this Super Moon give you super powers with all this moon awesomeness?

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Which Angel Will Help Harness Energies From The Moon?

Today is the moon phase “Waning Crescent” with it’s illumination of 43% – that’s almost half!

When you’re in the phase of balance it’s very easy to teeter to one side or the other. Now is the time to set your mindset for your intentions, hopes and wishes.

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Archangel Auriel Can Illuminate Your Life

Morning Angels! I hope you will celebrate the full moon today!  Archangel Auriel is the Light of God and the Angel of Destiny.
super moon
Call in her in tonight to help you illuminate your path so your can easily see where your journey lies, your mind so your answers will be easy to understand and most of all, to illuminate your heart to shine ever so brightly as you live your life. These are the things we seek and they are easy to achieve using the moon as a tool.
Her energy feels light and delicate like a piece of lace, like wind blowing across flowers in a field. It’s so weird that each Angel has a certain feel but they do!
Remember to call her in for enlightenment not only during the full moon but for any moon cycle.