Want To Join My Angel Huggers Facebook Group?

Do you enjoy this blog? If so, you can join my Facebook group called Angel Huggers. It’s a small group, only about 150 members but most of them are active in the group and are there to learn about Angels and so much more!

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Today I Celebrate The Completion of My Mediumship Certification!

If there is one thing I’ve learned the past few years and during my 10 week COMPLETED Mediumship Certification (insert hand clapping) is to trust oneself. ALL answers I seek will ALWAYS come from within, not from a book, not from a Teacher and not from the internet. All those sources start as a good foundation but in the long run all we need to do is to connect with our Higher Self, our Angels/Guides and the #1 place for information and guidance is and will always be Source our Creator. NEVER give your power to anyone waiting for something you need to move forward for your soul’s journey.

Donna Frasca Certified Psychic Medium

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Want To Meet The Dudes of The Angelic Realm?

The Angel Hug 2:34 June Newsletter is now available. Enjoy this 26 page PDF that chats about the “dudes of the Angelic Realm” for just $25. Email me at DonnaFrasca222@gmail.com to receive yours. Purchase of this newsletter also comes with a 5 minute video card reading. It’s a great deal!

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Readings are Way More Than Just Using Cards

Since I’ve been doing readings for about two years now, I noticed something really cool. Readings are not just about cards. If Spirit wants to get information to someone they will find a creative way to do so. Cards are cool of course but keep in mind, Angels use more than just cards when they need to give messages. Here’s just a few things that were used in my readings over the years.

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The Angel Hug Newsletter for May is Ready!

The Angel Hug Newsletter for May is ready! Here is a sneak peek of the table of contents if you are interested in purchasing it. Also, it comes with a personalized 5 minute video card reading just for you. It’s $25 and here’s the link to PayPal if you’d like this 33 page newsletter. If you purchase it, give me a day or two to get the video card reading ready for you!



My Mediumship Certification Is Almost Complete!

Just a few more weeks left in my Mediumship Certification course. Today starts my Practicum! At the end of my course when I receive my certification (fingers crossed.) I will be offering readings at a reduced rate. Normally they are from $75-$111 so a discount will be nice for a limited time.

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