Why Do I Feel Like I’m At A Spiritual Standstill?

The times that you feel “stuck” and feel like you’re going nowhere fast or feel you are at a standstill, know that there is ALWAYS growth happening within.

Keeping in mind that we are all energy and energy never stays still right? Well neither can you!

Just like your mind always races and many of you find it hard to meditate because your mind goes and goes and goes. This is movement, this is energy, this is growth.

You are not at a plateau or a standstill. You are growing, from the inside out ❤

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What Does Spirt Need Me To Know Right Now?

It’s always best when we an answer our own questions but I know it’s hard to do sometimes. How about trying to tap into your 3rd Eye or Brow Chakra to seek your own insights? Try meditation with Spearmint oil and focus on that space right between your eyebrows. Ask your Higher Self questions and as you relax, answers will come to you, just have a nice sense of self-awareness and see what comes through.

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Where Should I Go To Find Out What My Dreams Mean?

Ever have a dream that was SO real if totally freaked you out? I know I sure have! Don’t pick up the dream book. Those books are not for you. Every dream is 100% catered to the dreamer. The symbols that you see in your dreams do not have the same meanings as someone else’s.

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What Is False Illumination?

It’s interesting. Yesterday I was talking about “false illumination” in my Angel Huggers Facebook group. My Angels were having us be aware of those who call themselves Lightworkers but for some reason or another, they are not 100% true. I found someone on Facebook that has really interesting information but sometimes, she copies words from other true sources and posts them as their own. This is FALSE ILLUMINATION.

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When We Feel “Off” How Can We Prove It Was An Energy Thing?

I had a great question asked from a member in my Angel Huggers group in Facebook. We were all talking about the strong geomagnetic energy surges that are constantly swirling around and making us feel off. Here’s her question.

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How Can I Clean My Aura?

Archangel Michael says that to declutter your life allows room for more to come in. Is this as obvious as doing a little spring cleaning in the home?

Clearing your space, your home, car, office, closet or yard is something that most of us do on a regular basis just to keep our space neat and tidy right? But what about the space that you cannot see?

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