Be Careful Of Who You Choose As A Mentor

One MAIN fact I’m teaching my students is to trust ones self. Sure, read, read and read about the past but first, read yourself and rely on self-awareness and one’s own intuition. We are or should be growing a generation of what I like to call “New Wave Mediums” where we rely first on ourselves and our intuitions before relying on outside sources. Some advisors/teachers are a bit antiquated when it comes to their views and instead of relying on past experiences of other Mediums should be going full blast into the future of what has yet to be discovered. It’s a large feat but I’m ready to go there.

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Horrible Mediums: How To Spot A Fake Medium

Bad or fake Mediums show themselves in many ways. The obvious is by the way they look. They’ll be the ones wearing velvet skirts, head wraps and tons of clanky jewelry that screams “look at me I’m a Medium!” I’ve had several readings myself so I’d like to share how they differ, what to look out for and how to choose one that is right for you.

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Angel Hug Insights for March 2017

I put together an intuitive guide for the month of March. There is so much information in it!  Take a look at the Table of Contents to see what is in this 33 page PDF for the month of March. If you’re interested, you can purchase it for just $20. Here is a link to PayPal. Just provide an email address in the PayPal link and I’ll send it right out to you. You have to check out the Lithomancy Guide that my Angels download for me! It’s a new Divination tool that I will now be using in all my readings. As a mater of fact, I need to add that to my list of services. Let me know if you have any questions 🙂

Want To Have a One-On-One With Me?

My Mentor Sessions are going well. This is the first week of this new service and it’s a really valuable opportunity to pick my brain about anything from Angels – my favorite to talk about, the Clairs, your Psychic development, Mediumship questions, crystals, Lucid Dreams, OBE’s and Chakras. The best part? You have a 3 hours Skype or FaceTime call with me and it’s SO nice to chat live as Spirit guides the flow of questions. PM me for details.

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I Now Do Readings On SKYPE!

I’m so excited about my new service. I love doing virtual readings but to be able to SEE you all – that’s just cool beans.

There’s such a great energy when you can see the person and that works both ways. I can see you and you can see me!

In readings, it’s not necessary to see the person in order connect because I connect with your energy, not your pretty face. However today, my Angels again stepped in and suggested that I start using SKYPE so SKYPE it is 🙂

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