Transporting Your Body To Heal Others

I did a long distant healing on my daughter last night because she had a massive headache, fever and was vomiting. She lives three hours away so I couldn’t physically be there but distance was not about to stop me.

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This Is What Happens When Your Vibration Gets Too Low

Morning everyone! – yesterday was very interesting and not in a good way. I just had a really off day and I probably know why.


I was reading a thread on a particular facebook group and there was a conversation going on about the “dark side” and I WILL NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THAT!  It has nothing to do with fear like they said but the fact is that I will not feed the dark side in any way, shape or form. I will not give that energy even  one inkling of my energy not even during a conversation on facebook. Everyone has their right to talk about what they want in a group but I had to walk away. Even though I wasn’t participating in the chat anymore, every time I even saw a comment my vibration would get a step lower and lower and lower. With every word of “that yukky stuff”  I felt like my energy was taken out and feeding the ugly. So I left. I’ll be back when they get onto a lighter conversation but for now, I left.



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