How Do You Know If You Have A Spirit Guide Helping You?

I’d like to share a Spiritual experience with you. Is painting a Spiritual experience? Do you believe that you have or can have a Spirit Guide for ANYTHING? I say heck yeah!

I have a spooky story about how a ghost helped me paint. At least 15 years ago, I was painting a beach scene and all I had to do was add a beach fence. I asked out loud but to myself, so I thought, “where should I put the fence?” Next thing I know I SAW a fence appear on my painting! Ever hear the expression “all the hair stood up on my neck?” Well, all the hair stood up on my neck as I saw someone paint a fence on MY painting! I rubbed my eyes like they do in the movies and yes, it was still there. So I painted in the fence where I was shown it should be, and the painting came out perfect.

Yesterday I completed this painting of a Labradorite in just two days! I haven’t used oils in years and took on an ambitious subject at that. I painted it like I made a thousand and I can’t even believe the results.

a labradorite that a spirit guide helped me paint Continue reading