It’s OK To Be Alone

This message is not from one particular Angel is feels like it’s from a team, or even a Guide.
When it comes to solitude, being alone is necessary to grow. It is needed to be alone in order to hear your thoughts and process what you’ve learned.
It’s essential for wisdom, to be able to build your self-esteem and work out any kinks that your ego may have concocted.
Being alone is a good thing but know that WE are not far behind ❤

Set Your Intentions For The 12/12 Gateway. And So It Is

Set your intentions to tap into the power and energy of today’s Gateway. Feel the high frequencies as you connect to yourself and the possibilities of what you can do.



“(Say your name) is ready to connect and feel all that this Gateway has to offer. I feel myself grow and unfold and each cell of my body becomes brighter and stronger as I reach my highest potential. I am ready.”

And so it is ❤

Learning Life’s Lessons Is All About Loyalty To Yourself

You gotta love life’s lessons right? A week shouldn’t go by without you learning something. It doesn’t have to be a big lesson just a tiny “oh yeah! That makes sense!” Or it can be a huge ah-ha moment.

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Your Path Will Get Blocked But Keep Walking

Today’s Affirmation. Please remember, the energies are STRONG and TESTING. If something is not sitting well with you, look at what it is – REALLY look at it. There is a lesson there. There’s a really good chance this experience will not be pleasant because all that we are going through now is a test. If we chose to learn, we move forward. If we allow it to bring us down, we have more learning to do. All in time. Take your time to see what your life lessons are.

lifes lessons

A HUGE Ah-Ha About Self Discovery and Growth


The last week has been a challenge to say the least – particularly when it came to people. Ego and jealously are so very detrimental in friendships but apparently they are part of life.
I’ve recently completed an Advanced Psychic Development class which was amazing in it’s self but I also had an Energy Cleanse and Clearing which just shot me to the next level – pretty darn amazing.
Having said that, I have a download/channel that I’d like to share with you. These words are the perfect reminder of WHY bad things happen in life, aka, interferences or bumps in the road.
These interferences include all the things in life that are not so pleasant from world events to getting in arguments with people. They NEED to happen!!!! BUT, and I know it’s going to be hard, YOU/WE have to look at all these interferences with new eyes in order to grow and move on otherwise, you just stay where you are, become unhealthy or miss your opportunity to reach new levels in life. This is really, really a big deal and when these words were given to me the other day, it changed my life. I’d like to share them with you!

interference makes us grow

Catch and Release: An Exersise That Will Help Your Emotions

I’d like to do something special today. It’s an exercise called CATCH and RELEASE.
The first part is where you CATCH. You say all the stuff that’s bothering you then you let it go which is RELEASE.
This exercise will bring all your emotions to the surface so you are aware of them. Once you say it out loud or write it on paper, you are confronting yourself and what’s bugging you. Once you have a chat with yourself, you can release all that is upsetting you.
catch and release your emotions

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