Chakra Reading Service

We have seven major chakras in our body. When one is a little too active or not active enough, it presents itself in the form of some “hurt” on the body. For example. If you’re 3rd Eye or Brow chakra (that’s the Indigo blue one on the right) is out of balance you may be experiencing anything from headaches to insomnia, acne or problems with your teeth. It’s all in the head area.

I can SEE these chakras and know which ones are out of line, need to be cleaned, have holes in them, are torn or just need some attention in the form of healing Reiki.

This service is good for anyone, everyday, whether you think you have a chakra problem or not. It’s just good to have yours checked once in a while (I look at mine everyday) to make sure you’re feeling the best you can feel!

How does this process work?

I ask permission to connect with your energy, much like I do with my Healing Art service. Once I do that, I can start to see your chakras.

I’ll note the ones that stand out. I view them to see if it needs to be cleaned (I’ve seen chakras with spots) repaired (I saw MY chakra with a tear) or just giving a little TLC.

I virtually hold them in my hand, feel them, give them a good spin to the right and make sure they are the color they should be. I also infuse them with healing Reiki then I place them back to where they should be, all aligned and beautiful.

I know this process sounds strange but I do this to my chakra everyday and the fact that I can see them, is what makes this service a success.

You will also receive a PDF of what your chakras look like. Some will have spots, dots, colors, marks or will just be out of placement. Once you know what your chakras look like, you’ll be able to start addressing some of the issues that you may be experiencing.

This service is $75 and can be done virtually. Just send me an email to and I’ll instruct you from there.

Tired of feeling sick or just off? Let’s find out why.

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