Channeled Angel Art Service

Did you know that your Angels are by your side waiting to help you and give you a message? Sometimes you catch it and see a feather or hear a song that reminds you of someone or clear out of the blue you just get an idea that you’ve been pondering for a while. Where do you think that comes from? Your Angels.

Here, I help you along and offer you a visual of that message. It’s an 12″ x 12″ acrylic painting that contains your message.

How does it work?

1Email me “your story” at  It can be just a paragraph of what’s on your mind. For example, are you struggling to find your way with a new job? Are you grieving over a past love one and it’s difficult for you? Are you looking ahead to see what your path may have in store for you? It could be anything,  BUT it has to come from your heart otherwise this process won’t work – so be sincere.

2After I read your story via email, that gives me permission to connect with your energy and I call in your Angels. I immediately begin to see images, colors, graphics, names, numbers – anything at all. I write all that down on paper then from the images I see, I create a paintingClick here to see some of the channeled paintings that have been created so far.

3The images and composition of your painting are VERY specific and that is where the reading comes in. As you may or may not know, Angels connect to use with imagery so when I receive those images, I tell you what they are all about in a reading that I send back to you via email. I also tell you what Angel came through. There could be one or there could be several.

Send me an email if you are interested in this service. Once you have your painting, you’ll have a beautiful keepsake of your Angel and her message.

Also, please see how you can get your Aura Tree paintings too!

These paintings are $75. Click on the link above for more information.

aura trees



To process a Channeled Painting for $111 click on the button below.