I will listing all the online classes that I have available.

NOW AVAILABLE. An Angel Certification Class

Well I thought about how I was going to go about writing this class. There’s a lot of information out there about Angels and you can Google to your hearts content and find all the FREE information you’d like. So how will my class be different? Two ways, content and price.
The content will focus on the four main Archangels. Since I experienced many wild things when it comes to Angels, this class will be learning about the PERSONALITIES of these Angels. Once you learn how these Angels FEEL, you’ll be able to sense them around you. Sounds weird right? Yea well trust me on this one 😉
The pricing for this certification class will be VERY affordable. I’ve seen some of these classes go for THOUSANDS of dollars which is not necessary. How can you charge that amount of money for information that should be shared freely? It’s about Angels, not some secret that will make you millions of dollars. My pricing will cover my time put into this class and that’s it.
So stay tuned my friends. This will be awesome!


How To Make The Connection With Spirit To Do A Mediumship Reading

Now Available starting July 29th

Come learn my techniques from how I prepare both myself and my space for readings. Also I share how I communicate with Spirit so I can get information from them for the best reading possible.

What will you learn?
• How to raise your vibration
• How to strengthen the connection to Spirit
• How to read the symbols Spirit gives you
• How to use ALL your Clairs to be open to messages
• How to call in your Guides & Angels for assistance
• How to visualize & set up your boundaries for Spirit

This journey is about connecting with Spirit and getting out of your own head to make this connection strong, every time.

I will be giving you actual examples of how I connect with Spirit and also how to “deal with” their personalities – yes they have attitudes at times lol.

It work for me and I know it will work for you!!!

Cost: $55
PayPall or using my email:

How to connect with spirit for mediumship readings.001


How To Use A Compass To Connect With Your Angels.

how to use a compass to connect with your angels