Coffee Ground Readings

coffee ground readings

Readings can be done with so many tools, so many ways. Coffee Ground readings are similar to Tea Leaf reading but here, I use coffee.

Images, shapes, numbers, animals and feeling come together in these readings. Insights from what’s coming up for you in the near future to so many possibilities yet to come – it’s all up to you but I provide so many suggestions here.

This is a sample reading I’d like to share with you:

“Looking in your cup I see CHOICES, as in a blank canvas. This is good in the fact that you can create or manifest anything that you desire and the options are yours to choose from, this is a good year for that.

I see you’ve struggled with plateaus but please don’t fret on those! Know that it is not a road block when you reach a plateau but only a physical pause so you can catch your breath. Know that there is always inner work going on for you and the times you feel disconnected (a plateau) know that there is A LOT forming on the inside. This is a process you’ll have to trust. Take note that after all your plateaus, you’ll suddenly be enlightened or have a new view on things. Please journal your thoughts.

Closest to your lips are bubbles. These bubbles are all about your Throat Chakra. Step forward and continue to speak out and voice who you are. Listen to your intuition and inner voice when it comes to your path and what you want to do in life. Expressing your creativity will help you do this and I feel that creativity will also bring you abundance this year.

The frog plays a big role in your life and  I feel it’s your totem animal. This creature who lives in water (the element of winter) is dormant but will be ready to come alive in the spring and warmer months. I feel this is your time to shine! Tap into that energy of staying in one spot, testing it out and if it doesn’t feel right, move on and try something else. 

I also see that you have a solid handle on most things that concern what YOU want to do but I feel you have a hesitation to move forward. Don’t be fearful of not knowing what to do, like the frog, just take your wonderful energy that I know you have and “jump” right in.

For 2018 you need to be bold, strong and empowered. Tap into your Solar Plexus to move forward <3”

These reading in include a photo of your cup plus a detailed description of my findings.

These readings are $55. Email me at DonnaFrasca222@gmail to book.