Mentor Sessions


We all have questions about our gifts, our path and our dreams. Here, I’ve created Mentor Sessions where you can ask about Angels, your gifts, crystals, meditation, grounding or any questions you may have.

This is a mentorship that goes beyond the answers that you can find on Google.

Here, I tap into YOUR energy to better help you with your Spiritual Path.

As a certified Angel Intuitive, Reiki Master Teacher and soon to be a certified Medium, I can help you with your goals. Find out more about me and see how I can help you.

With these Mentor Sessions, you can have a one-on-one session with me scheduled in weekly increments.

In your weekly session you will have:

  • Unlimited email access for your questions for the week.
  • A three hour Skype or FaceTime call with me, divided up in 1 hour increments for that week.
  • A PDF card reading delivered to your email.
  • A Reiki hug at the end of your session.
  • The 4 week session includes a free Aura Tree painting (a $50 value)

Have questions about Angels? Crystals? Meditation? 
How about how to do a card reading? Develop your “Clairs?”

The sky’s the limit here and I will help you the best I can – all you have to do is ask.

Pricing – pick the session you would like.

  • 1 week $111
  • 2 weeks $222
  • 3 weeks $333
  • 4 weeks $444

*** I am also available to chat on the phone with you. Email me for details