Live Life The Best You Can But Start With YOU

Morning Angels! How is everyone today? As I woke up this morning I was asking myself what is the message for me today.

I walked into my office and either was going to go out for my morning walk or do a quick meditation. Meditation it was.

So I sat on the floor and put my salt lamp on. It sits on a glass top table with a deer statue underneath it, it’s really quite pretty, my mom bought it for me years ago.

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It’s Important To Slow Down And Enjoy Life


Isn’t it awesome to slow down? It’s amazing what we notice and how great we feel when we do. I remember when I was a young mother chasing around two kids 18 months apart and I couldn’t focus on anything but them. One day I decided to sit on the sofa and listen to classical music for 10 minutes for two reasons, (1) to see if I could and (2) to remember how it felt. I cried that day because those 10 minutes were the best ever. 22 years later I still remember that day and how good it felt. When I find myself getting all spooled up, I sit down for just 10 minutes to listen … to nothing at all.

Happy Fall Equinox

As Summer ends and Fall begins, day and night are approximately the same lengths. This is the time to reflect about the balance in your life. Light/dark, happy/sad, strong/weak, life/death, black/white, young and old just to name a few. As we start this new season, set your intentions to stay centered and remember if you do teeter to one side, just refocus to get you back to center.


Are Our Choices Set In Stone or Written In Sand?

Ever rethink a choice or decision you made over the years and now you want to change it back? What if it’s a love choice, career choice or a decision that you’ve made to end a friendship but now want restore it to the way it was?

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How Do I Change My Mind, Body And Spirit?

We all want to grow Spiriutally but how? What is the one thing that we can do that will send us soaring into that space and place where we want to be? Come read how making a few choices during the day will make a world of good for our Spirit.

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Why Do I Feel Like I’m At A Spiritual Standstill?

The times that you feel “stuck” and feel like you’re going nowhere fast or feel you are at a standstill, know that there is ALWAYS growth happening within.

Keeping in mind that we are all energy and energy never stays still right? Well neither can you!

Just like your mind always races and many of you find it hard to meditate because your mind goes and goes and goes. This is movement, this is energy, this is growth.

You are not at a plateau or a standstill. You are growing, from the inside out ❤

Spiritual growth