Do The Spider Webs In Your Life Prevent You From Walking Your Path?

When is a spiderweb not a spider web? When it’s the things in life that can stop you in your tracks and prevent you from moving forward, like a block, barrier or some inconvenience in life that will make you throw your hands up in the air and give up.

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What Happens When You “Find Your Power?”

As I’m tapping deeper into the Spirit world to connect and learn, I’m feeling that the true power resides in us. There are MANY levels of this awareness and it’s a difficult journey to find that level which feels right with our own energy. What I’m also finding is that when that “level” is found it bumps against other levels which happens to be that of the people around us. They say this journey is a lonely one and that it is but, and I say BUT, the presence of Source and Spirit feels like no other and it fills the soul. Life is complicated but listening to your authentic self will help ease 💜


How Can I Get What I Want From Life?

(This will be a little ranty) BIG question right? Will it sound too simple if I say “just ask?” When you have a conversation with Spirit, Spirit actually listens. Want something? Ask for it. Ready for a change? Make it happen.



The Phoenix Has Risen – painting by Donna Frasca

The past few weeks I’ve been feeling a change coming over me. Everything, every conversation, the Facebook groups, people talking and asking the same silly questions over and over and the annoying people who just want free readings or “can you just tell me if my partner is cheating on me” messages I get daily. Everything just seems so basic and redundant, people complain SO much and yes, if you have to ask, your partner IS cheating on you. Continue reading

Are You Living A Healthy Spiritual Life?

A healthy Spiritual relationship is when YOU keep YOUR power within yourself. Don’t run around cyber space looking for all the Mediums who give away free readings all the time. It’s not healthy for you and it’s not the way to keep energy healthy for the Medium.

angel cards

Ever see the live videos where people just spew out cards one after the other? Is THAT a reading? Well yea, that person is just reading what the card says and moving onto the next one. Card readings online are great when intuition is used first and the cards are just pulled for verification or a quick insight.

As time goes on and I connect more and more with my Angels and the energy gets clearer and purer. Readings are special gifts and are not to be tossed out in a group read like the Sunday paper. They are about emotions, insights, love and healing and should be given and received with love and respect ❤

Now Is The Time To Listen To Your Yin Yang

Today’s Moon Phase is just about very close to 50%. Here again, it’s all about balance.

When we talk about balance it’s about trying to “stay in the middle.”

Kudos to Agatha Arlington last night in our ZOOM meet – and I’m sorry I forgot to record it – who confirmed the moon phase.

Who’s having dreams of either being half man/half woman? That was me just a few days ago.


Who is finding themselves gravitate towards wearing black and white?

Who feels that they are swaying a little too much on one side either too woo-woo or too busy with work?

These are the polarities of the Yin Yang and are what we should be focusing on now.

Find the natural rhythm of your body and listen to it. It will not lead you wrong … only if you listen to your inner voice and put your ego aside. Then the process is easy!

Channeled Message: Trust What Your Body Is Telling You

Tapping into the Earth’s energies once again – can you feel it? One minute this and the next that, like water rolling off our faces, one minute we can breathe the next we can’t.

This is how the energy feels to us. When you “find it hard to breathe” like a contraction, just push through it.

When you feel it in your favor, hold onto that feeling and absorb it, its energy, grab it.

Learn from what you feel throughout your day. Energy is constantly changing around us and our poor earthly bodies have trouble processing all this.

Breathe in and hold it – exhale with the knowing that you just brought that energy in with you, forever part of your DNA.

Headache? Our thought process is changing. SO many thoughts of what to do, how to do and when to do it literally spins our head. How to fix it? Straighten your spin especially the area behind your neck. Make sure all your Chakras are inline in your spine.

Stomach problems? It’s our gut challenging us. Do we know where we’re going or do we just follow everyone else? Trust your gut (Solar Plexus) and what’s it’s telling you. How to fix it? Sit up straight and do not put pressure on your belly area. Expand it out and move that energy around.

Weird dreams? Nightmares? Having dreams of confusion? Insomnia? Sleep too much? This is our physical body working SO VERY HARD as we sleep. Our shell, our skin is going through turmoil as it adjusts to these energies. How to fix it? Go easy on yourself. Eat what you want. Drink plenty of water. Nap and bath is salt water. Treat your body like a temple. Process your thoughts as if there were pages in a book, flip them one by one and like a really long novel, just soak up what you can and don’t worry about the rest.

All the information that you are supposed to get you will receive. If you can’t absorb all of it now, it will come to you at another wave.

Love yourself. You are growing ❤

Where Do Angel Symbols Come From and What Can I Do With Them?

Angel symbols: There are MANY Angels as you know, some we may never even hear of in our lifetime. There are also Angelic symbols that are associated with the Angelic Realm.

The ones I have here are just a few that I was shown by Archangel Metatron. I know it was him because I was connected to him at the time (studying him during my Angel certification course) and he so nicely gave me these.


Now the awesome thing about Angel symbols is that YOU get to use them however you wish. YOU get to program them, give them a name and have them represent whatever it is that you want them to be.

YOU have the power to create and connect with your Angels. Start today!

Step OUT Of Your Shadows And Into The Light. It’s Time.

Today is the full moon. You are now in FULL ILLUMINATION when it comes your opportunity to SEE. This for me, is perfect timing as I let go of my shadows and symbolically walk towards the things that “shine” for me. This includes people, thoughts, actions and emotions. What does it all mean?

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