Do Visits From Our Beloved Pets Help Us Heal Or Hinder The Healing Process?

I’ve had A LOT of dreams this past week where my passed cat Jimmy has been visiting me. On one hand it’s nice to be able to see him again but it brings up memories of when he was with me on this realm. Does seeing our beloved pets in dreams help us or does it delay the healing process of them passing? As my abilities grow and my senses grow deeper as a psychic medium I’m hoping there will be a way to better understand these visits so I can process these feelings a little better.

visits from our beloved pets

Colors That Remind Us Of Angels

Did you ever look at a color and say, “Oh that color reminds me of Archangel Michael!” I bet your were looking at indigo blue too! Well there are certain colors that are very much symbolic of our Angelic Realm. Let’s go over some of the basics.

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Journal Post: When The Universe Guides

I’m finding that instead of me searching for my way, my way is finding me. The projects that I thought I should be doing somehow are going on the back burner and other projects that my fuel my soul are coming forward. Cords that I’ve cut are not felt anymore and the basic things in life have a whole new meaning. I’m really tapping into my inner, Higher self and it’s self fueling, less work to go where I need to be. I guess what it boils down to is just listening to self, listening to Spirit and the flow of that is effortless.

new beginnings start with love

New & Full Moon Intuitive Readings Now Available

Hi Angels! I have a new Divination tool, a Selenite Ball. I’ve had time to spend with this energy and it feels like the part of my journey that I’ve been missing.

Having said that, I am now offering a new service. It’s a Selenite Ball reading that will ONLY be offered during a New Moon phase or a Full Moon phase. The next New Moon is April 16th and I am taking bookings for only that day at this time. The next Full Moon is April 30th when this service will be offered again. You can ask for readings on any of these two days.

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Your Choices Determine Your Experience Of Life. Choose Wisely!

MOVEMENT – Archangel Sandalphon says to keep your body moving, and your energy flowing so that your Chakras are kept healthy and your physical body strong. What about the movements in life that we can’t see?

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Have A Question For Your Angels? Ask Them!


I start my day talking to my angels. This morning I said, “Angel Angel Angel. Show me a sign that I am the best psychic medium I can be and I am walking my right path.“ No sooner did I say that I heard a dog bark loudly outside. This made me smile 😇


Now Is The Time To Set Your Intentions for Tonights New Moon

I stepped into the darkness of the New Moon last night. No shadows, no judgement no light. It was very peaceful, tranquil and I felt like I had the whole moon to myself for just a few minutes.

Intentions were set and my path set into motion. I voiced my desires out loud in a continual, monotone note as if I had rehearsed my speech for hours when in fact if flowed right off my tongue, effortlessly. I feel that I began to manifest my true path as I felt chills on my body.

My time is now. I stepped forward and excepted the path I chose to take. It felt good, right and like I’ve been doing this … for lifetimes ❤

new moon intentions