When Angels Chatter

This past Sunday when I was at the Body, Mind, Spirit expo in Raleigh, I met with an amazing Angel Goddess friend Christine Alexandria of Angel Chatter. She had an hour class and in that class she did a meditation to meet your Guardian Angel. I was excited!

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Archangel Haniel: She Helps You With Clarity

Did you know that Archangel Haniel oversees our Etheric Heart Chakra? Many people don’t even know about that Chakra but it’s there! We really have sooooo many Chakras, some main ones, but this one is all about helping you find clarity. She helps you look through the fog so to speak. Use turquoise to help you connect with her.


How To Talk To Your Angels: Learn How With “12 Cards of Convo”


The house was quiet, I had my cards, candles, crystals and a cocktail on the table and was ready to meditate. It was the sitting I called the 4’C’s because everything I had out on the table, started with a C. I always have these items out, maybe minus the cocktail, but it was the first time I was aware that everything started with a C. Continue reading