Have A Question For Your Angels? Ask Them!


I start my day talking to my angels. This morning I said, “Angel Angel Angel. Show me a sign that I am the best psychic medium I can be and I am walking my right path.“ No sooner did I say that I heard a dog bark loudly outside. This made me smile 😇


Come Learn About Color, Crystals, Chakras and Angels!

Want to learn more about how amazing crystals are, how they connect you to your Angels and Chakras? I’m an Intuitive Coach and am available for one-on-one sessions with you to answer all your questions. Email me for details at DonnaFrasca222@gmail.com


Use Color To Connect With Your Angels

See color and connect with an Angel. These flowers represent the sensual side of you. How?

Orange taps into your Sacral Chakra, your ever-growing, always changing creative, sensual self. Archangel Gabriel is there to help you use this Chakra to the fullest.

Tap into the creative you and feel where it can take you. Again, creativity presents in many forms.


A Message From The Ascended Masters About Time and Space

A while back I said that I got a message from my team saying the “the elevator is going up to the next level.” Anyone remember that? The message for that meant that now for 2017 the Ascended Masters will be coming into play BIG time. 
A message from the Ascended Masters

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How Do I Know That The Messages I Hear Are From My Angels?

So in my world I work with color, art and Angels. I love to talk about all of them!!

Since next Saturday I’ll be teaching a class on How To Hear Your Angels and I wanted to share with you a question that ALWAYS comes up.

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Workshop: How To Hear Your Angels


How To Hear Your Angels

Our Angels are talking to us all the time! It’s the feathers you see, the pennies you find and the butterflies that cross your path. This is how you SEE their presence. In this workshop, I’m going to show you how you can HEAR them.

We will be:
• raising up our vibration so wear comfy clothes, we will be moving
• learning how to tap into your Clairaudience (clear hearing)
• learning how to move your chakra energy around
• identifying which Angel is communicating with you

What to bring:
Bring a notebook, pen and bottled water. When you work with Angels, it makes you thirsty!

In the beautiful, spacious living room of The Retreat at Valley Farm
2709 Valley Farm Rd, 28173 Waxhaw, NC 28173

1:00 – 3:00pm
Saturday, January 28th

Cost: $35 you can purchase tickets here: PAYPAL or bring exact cash at the door.

Sound fun to you? It’s a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon learning about your Angels. They are waiting to talk to you!