Why Are The Animals In Our Lives So Important To Us?

As I started my day today, the first feeling I got was “animals.” The birds were exceptionally loud this morning, I heard a dog crying out somewhere in the neighbors yard and I also saw a neighbor looking for her dog that escaped the yard since last night. Ever wonder why all these creatures are in our lives? What role do they play for us?

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Which Angel Connects Us To Our Animals?

Good morning Angels!

I pulled a card for today and a card showed up that doesn’t show up very often. I almost wanted to put it back in the deck and reshuffle but you can’t do that! So I asked for more insights and this is what the message from Archangel Thuriel has to say.

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Archangel Thuriel: Protector of Animals

Today it’s fitting to talk about Archangel Thuriel. Thuriel is the Angel of the Animals.

Do you have a strong connection with animals? You can strengthen that connection when you ask Thuriel for guidance. I will be calling him in because my 18 year old cat will be transitioning to the Rainbow Bridge today.

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