Does Archangel Michael Oversee Any Chakras?

He sure does and he has several that he keeps in check. Michael oversees our Solar Plexus, Throat and 3rd Eye Chakras.

When you think about that, realize what each chakra symbolizes and you’ll come to feel that “trusting yourself (Solar Plexus) as you speak your truth (Throat Chakra) will visualize (3rd Eye) what and who your true self is.” Those are pretty powerful words.


How Can I Clean My Aura?

Archangel Michael says that to declutter your life allows room for more to come in. Is this as obvious as doing a little spring cleaning in the home?

Clearing your space, your home, car, office, closet or yard is something that most of us do on a regular basis just to keep our space neat and tidy right? But what about the space that you cannot see?

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Archangel Michael’s Message is EMBRACE

Embrace: for now is the time to tap into all that you’ve been reaching for. All the synchronicities that you’ve been noticing are coming to the surface now. The sequential numbers, the songs, the feathers – that is all just touching the surface of what and how we are bringing your knowing to the surface.

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Morning Rituals: It’s How I Start My Day


How do you start your day? Do you start your day with coffee or crystals? Come see how I start my day, and why.

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How To Cut Cords: A Must For The New Year

how-to-cut-cordsAs 2015 comes to an end, now is the time of year to not only set your intentions for 2016 but to tell yourself, a Mantra, what you will be doing for the new year. What is the #1 way to start new? With cord cutting. Continue reading

Journal Post: What’s In A Picture?


My daughter is coming home from college today so I just wanted to journal a few notes before I shut down for the weekend.

Lot’s of buzz going around today. Good buzz that is. Continuing to read and learn about Angels.

I actually met a new one today and all I had to do was ask who was around then ask for a name. Instantly I got Azuriel. Good thing I had some paper around. Oh and I also I saw heat waves in the air which is always an energy. It was brief but a confirmation for sure.

This is what I mean about subtle finds. Did you read my post about my Target visit? Many of these visits happen so quickly so keep your eyes peeled.

As I passed by my bedroom, I noticed a really pretty pattern on the floor. I lived in this house since 2007 and never saw it before. See the colors? When you see an indigo blue like that, more than likely that is Archangel Michael. Again, it’s subtle notes like what’s seen in this picture that just makes my heart go pitter patter.

Not bad for Friday the 13th aye?

You can read about him here [ }