A Message From The Ascended Masters About Time and Space

A while back I said that I got a message from my team saying the “the elevator is going up to the next level.” Anyone remember that? The message for that meant that now for 2017 the Ascended Masters will be coming into play BIG time. 
A message from the Ascended Masters

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And The Angel Elevator Is Going Up!

The other day when I was in my shower I saw this image of a pasty white being skyrocketing up in the air. Whenever I see something unusual, the first words out of my mouth are, “Well what the heck is that?” Then I got my answer.

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How To Talk To Angels. Learn To Communicate With Your Angels The Easy Way

how-to-talk-to-angels.005It seems that most of us want to learn to talk to our Angels and Spirit Guides but just don’t know how. Do you know that they are talking to us most of the time but you may not be listening? I’ll tell you how easy talking to your Angels can be. Continue reading

My Angel Painting: It’s All About Metatron


I have a service that I LOVE – it’s Spiritual Paintings and I’ve done quite a few already. The other week I was saying to myself, I wonder what MY Spiritual Painting would look like – so I hit the canvas. Continue reading