Which Angel Will Help Harness Energies From The Moon?

Today is the moon phase “Waning Crescent” with it’s illumination of 43% – that’s almost half!

When you’re in the phase of balance it’s very easy to teeter to one side or the other. Now is the time to set your mindset for your intentions, hopes and wishes.

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Hold Onto Your Hats! Today’s Moon Energy is Fierce

Wow talk about Moon Shenanigans. Yesterday was a really bad day for some of us. Let me ask – who got into an argument? A car innocent? Had a bad day at work? Was sick? Got a financial pinch in the wallet? Yea, thank the moon for that one.

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Archangel Auriel Illuminates You

Today is the Waxing Crescent Moon phase and it’s all about intentions, hopes and wishes.

What are your intentions for now? Next week? Next month? Next year? If you haven’t started a Bucket List, now is an excellent time to start.

What are your hopes? What do you wish for? Write all of this down and commit yourself to each one. Tap into this moon phase and Archangel Auriel will be there to illuminate your way 


Archangel Auriel and The Moon Phases

Sometimes in life if feels like the lights are turned off and there is darkness.  People we know and trusted turn on us, politics turn hateful and even Mother Nature casts darkness in lives with her powerful grip that turns a beautiful day into destruction.

Why does this all happen? There are so many reasons.

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Archangel Auriel Is Very Soft Spoken But She Carries A Very Bright Light

I base how I feel and how I act around the moon. It just calls to me. I guess being a Moon Child, Cancer, has been my strength from the day that I was born. I’ve always been attracted to the moon and based on the way I act, you can tell what moon phase it is but you have to know a little about the moon phases to understand it fully.

Have questions about your life? Are things not going as smooth as you’d like or are things picture perfect for you? Look at the moon for guidance.

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Light Of God, Auriel


Less than 24 hours in fight and she sold! This is Archangel Auriel who’s name translates to “Light of God.”

She is also known as the Angel of Destiny and if you have insomnia, she is the Angel to connect with. What crystal will help with this connection? The Moonstone of course.

Ironically, this painting was started, completed and sold all during the night of a full moon. Don’t you just love that?

Get Ready For The Full Moon


Just a heads up all you Moon Phase watchers. January 24th is our next Full Moon. What does that mean? It’s time to increase your physic ability and increase your strength, love and power. You have a window of about 3 days after the 24th so no worries if you miss the day.

Also, for those of you who like to connect with the full moon and have rituals, you have 4 days to prepare. Call in Archangel Auriel because she is all about the moon phases. If you have a moonstone crystal or even a ring like I do, use that was well.

Tapping Into The Moon Energies


I love the moon energies! Right now we are in a “waxing crescent.” This moon phase is all about deepening resolve. 

… Life is not about materialistic goodies and all that is “on the surface.” It’s about what’s in our hearts – LOVE. Now is a time for regeneration of love, goals, new beginnings and to strengthen what YOU need to live your life as you walk in LOVE … 

Oh I got chills! I love when Spirit takes over when I type! So here you have it – right from Archangel Auriel –



Always keep in mind that the energy of the moon is very strong. Ever wonder why some nights you just can’t sleep? Take notice of what phase the moon is in.

There’s an app I use called Weather Bug and in that app, they tell you what phase the moon is in. It’s free plus it tells you all about the weather obviously 🙂

Write down how you feel during each phase of the moon and keep an eye out for a pattern. It’s also a good time to set your intentions. Don’t let that energy go to waste. Put it to use and tap into it!

Donna 🌙

Dealing With The Moon Energies


Moon Energies: Right now we are looking at the Waning Gibbous moon. It’s more than half but less than full. This coincides with the ebbs and flows that Archangel Auriel talks about and compares to life.

We all have our ups and downs and expeirence all kinds of intensities. I don’t know about you but the past few days has been a roller coaster of emotions for me. The key here is to welcome all that in, the up and downs, the light and dark, quite and noisy but know how to experience then let it go.


For Sale, 12×12 acrylic, $111

Like the moon phases, these are experiences in life – they won’t go away but it’s up to us to live them, love them and learn to go with the flowing movement much like the roller coaster. Get stuck upside-down on the ride? You know who to call in to help ❤