Do You Connect With Birds?

I am an avid birdwatcher. I have a new camera and find taking pictures of birds is so enjoyable. Every bird has a spiritual symbolism. What bird stands out for you?

“As a totem blackbird has an extraordinary meaning. Blackbirds represent knowledge. They are carriers of intelligence and quick wit, so everybody born under this totem or everyone with a blackbird as a spiritual animal, has a big possibility of being extremely smart and intelligent. … Blackbirds also represent intuition.”



Angelic Messages From Birds

This is interesting. Whenever I feel a little wonky, I look around and see what I can sense to figure out what is going on. All morning, almost three hours now, there is a Blue Jay screaming around in my neighborhood. I rarely hear Jay’s here. So I look up the meaning and find this … which is perfect for me. Makes total sense. Now, I can start my day 


angelic messages from birds