How To Use A Deck Of Cards To Connect With Your Angels

What ways do you communicate with Angels? Have you ever worked with a regular deck of cards?

using cards to connect with angels

• Red can be yes, black can be no.
• Suits are very similar to Tarot.
• Into numerology? Focus on that
• Have a question about love? Look for the Hearts (Cups)
• Career? It’s all about the Diamonds (Pentacles)
• Creativity? Clubs (Wands)
• Head stuff? Spades (Swords)

1 – Ace – Beginning, success, goals, milestones, new, self-love, hope, ego, I AM
2 – Connection – union, meetings, open paths, partnerships, togetherness, contracts, teamwork,
3 – Communication – new roads, choices, verbalize,
4 – Foundation – base, make or break, teeter, stay centered, choices
5 – Love/Joy – middle point, safe,
6 – Balance – secure, teeter,
7 – Sacrifice – work around obstacles, good things come to those who wait
8 – Wisdom – strength, strong, feel good number, infinity, no beginning, no end
9 – Completion – goals reached, retirement, let go, you’re done, ending, door open/close, victory
10 – Success – goals reached, top of the world, achievements, fulfilled,

I’ve noticed that numbers represent different things depending on who’s doing the reading – that’s ok! Go with your gut.

The cool thing about reading with these cards is you can practice or read anywhere and people think you are playing Solitaire 

Feeling Unfulfilled At Your Job? Ask Spirit For Advice

Are you starting to feel unfulfilled at your job? I sure am and things need to change.

Career change is always a big step and a lot of thought has to go into it. How do you know when it’t the right time to make the move?

Come hear how I found out that it’s my turn to change.

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Another NEW Way To Do A Card Reading: Three Months Out!

Nothing like starting the day with a major channel from Metatron. He just gave me a great way to do a card reading for you – for the next three months out – not just “message of the day.” This very cool and will be a new service that I’m going to specialize in. I have to hash out the details but wanted to at least get this video going. I’m so excited about this!!!!!

Will I Find Love? A Reading To Find Answers


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Is Card Reading A Bunch of BS or What?

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