I Now Do Readings On SKYPE!

I’m so excited about my new service. I love doing virtual readings but to be able to SEE you all – that’s just cool beans.

There’s such a great energy when you can see the person and that works both ways. I can see you and you can see me!

In readings, it’s not necessary to see the person in order connect because I connect with your energy, not your pretty face. However today, my Angels again stepped in and suggested that I start using SKYPE so SKYPE it is 🙂

skype psychic readings


Moving Forward With Chakra Readings

I’m so happy to announce that I’ll be starting Chakra Workshops in the Charlotte area*. I’ll be offering Chakra Readings workshops that will be a great venue to learn how chakras affect not only our lives but our mind, body and Spirit.

This is the promo I came up with to start promoting my Chakra Readings. They can be read face-t0-face or virtually.  This service is $75 and you can purchase that here if you’re interested in balancing your chakras.

Just to note, I not only show you what your chakras look like via a sketch but I also suggest how to get them back in balance. It’s really a great way to get yourself back on track. Do it for you!



  • If you are not local to the Charlotte area, this service is available virtually via email.

Specializing in Chakra Readings

Schedule a Chakra Reading today!

When we feel out of sorts, there’s a really good chance that some of our chakras are either out of balance or blocked. I offer a Chakra Reading service where I can actually see your chakras and tell you not only which ones need repair but suggest to you how to mend them.

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What Do Chakras Look Like When I Do A Chakra Reading?

I bet right away you thought of those seven pretty little circles with all the colors of the rainbow right? Well for the most part that’s true but the way I see chakras, reveals a little bit more.


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