How Is Your Spiritual Journey Like Cleaning Your Closet?

In your closet, you remove the clothes that no longer fit so you can replace it with clothes that look better and also feel good right? Well the same goes for your Spiritual journey.

How is your Spiritual journey like cleaning your closet?

When you get rid of or remove the things in your life that no longer “feel right” you then make room and look forward to adding the things in your life, that are a perfect fit. This pertains to people, things right down to thought processes in your head.

You are changing. It’s time to update your closet ❤

When Angels Look A lot Like People

You know how relationships dissolve and sometimes it just leaves you scratching your head? Well for the past two years or so, there was this group of “like-minded” people that I used to be really close with but somehow, things didn’t feel right and I chose to cut cords.

For myself, I know how they felt and I know the reason why things played out the way they did but deep down in my head, I often wondered what the real deal was. Come read how I got answers.

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Message From Metatron: Follow Your Mission

Message from Metatron: It’s about looking forward, not backward. The worst thing you can do you to yourself is look back and say, “ I should have, could have or would have!” Don’t do that to yourself!!
 psychic development follow your mission
You cut cords and moved forward for a reason. You know you were guided by your Angels right?
There’s a better place for you in the Universe and it was not where you were so don’t fret! Chalk everything up to experience and learning then move forward.
All the people that are not suppose to be in your lives are at a lower vibration so they are already at a distance. Look up and forward to where you’re driven to be because that is YOUR journey and that is where YOU are suppose to be!

Archangel Metatron Illuminates in My Martini

metatron-martiniIt’s been an interesting week of energies and noticing how some just don’t belong in my life. Well I easily took care of that by cutting cords and instantly, felt amazing – more than amazing actually. Continue reading

How To Cut Cords: A Must For The New Year

how-to-cut-cordsAs 2015 comes to an end, now is the time of year to not only set your intentions for 2016 but to tell yourself, a Mantra, what you will be doing for the new year. What is the #1 way to start new? With cord cutting. Continue reading