When You’re Upset, Angels Find A Way To Help You Process Those Emotions

I had gone over a friends house Sunday with my husband and through a chain of events, was probably the most awful night I’ve had in long time and I’m talking tears!!! Since I’m so flipping sensitive, those feelings spilled into yesterday as well – just two really bad days.

when angels help process emotions
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Today’s Message: Emotions


Oh this one gets us all the time! Our emotions sometimes get in the way of our logical thinking and can really distort what our next step should be.

Those strong rushes of feelings can inhibit us to make the right decision or perhaps make us decide on things that we should have taken more time to think about.

Feeling emotional today? I know last week was a tough one for me and I’m sure the full moon and solar flairs had something to do with it. Oh it was rough – so emotional!

If you are a Empath you KNOW how hard it is to deal with emotions. It’s like you are a sponge and soak up everyone’s feelings as soon as you walk into the room.

Just shake it off – it’s not yours. If it is yours, chat with someone you trust and tell them how you feel. Talking with someone or even writing your feelings down helps tremendously!!!

So if you feel like a little grouchy pants today, I have a great idea for you. Soak your feet. Yes, it’s as easy at that!

You can take a bath or just soak your feet in a small bowl of warm water with either your favorite bubbly in it or some Epsom’s Salts. I did this the other day was I was feeling out of sorts and I don’t know how it works but it does!

So shake off those yucky emotions, dance, go for a walk or just get outside and breathe. As you exhale you release all the uglies that make you feel grouchy. As you inhale you replace it with Light and Love.

Try it and see how you feel.

Donna 🌀