Can Spirit Around Us Make Us Sick?

I had another strange dream last night. I was traveling somewhere waiting to catch a plane and saw heat waves in the sky and it came down lower so I could touch it. I could feel with my hand its vibration. The heat waves turned into the faces of people passed. The people around me were frightened but I said “they are just people and want to be loved. Be nice to them!” There were lots of people in the dream, cats, young children too and lots of commotion in the dream. Not sure what it means but it feels like this:

can sprit around us make us sick?

People (alive) are acting all chaotic and stressed because they are feeling the presence of passed people around them. Earth people, are not sure where all the extra emotions, thoughts and feelings are coming from but it’s stressing them out and giving them headaches, ADHA, ADD and other body ailments.

Long story short, I feel this dream is saying this. The Veil as they say, or the place between living and dead is right next to us. It’s part of our life and many of us can’t see Spirit but we can feel it but don’t know how to process it. If we just were able to release stress and be more loving we’d not only see and feel Spirit around us but we physically would feel better, less ailments. Stress is a bad thing for the body and there are many causes of stress in our lives. When we listen to our Mind, Body and Spirit we will be healthier all around.

What Happens When You “Find Your Power?”

As I’m tapping deeper into the Spirit world to connect and learn, I’m feeling that the true power resides in us. There are MANY levels of this awareness and it’s a difficult journey to find that level which feels right with our own energy. What I’m also finding is that when that “level” is found it bumps against other levels which happens to be that of the people around us. They say this journey is a lonely one and that it is but, and I say BUT, the presence of Source and Spirit feels like no other and it fills the soul. Life is complicated but listening to your authentic self will help ease 💜


Are You Living A Healthy Spiritual Life?

A healthy Spiritual relationship is when YOU keep YOUR power within yourself. Don’t run around cyber space looking for all the Mediums who give away free readings all the time. It’s not healthy for you and it’s not the way to keep energy healthy for the Medium.

angel cards

Ever see the live videos where people just spew out cards one after the other? Is THAT a reading? Well yea, that person is just reading what the card says and moving onto the next one. Card readings online are great when intuition is used first and the cards are just pulled for verification or a quick insight.

As time goes on and I connect more and more with my Angels and the energy gets clearer and purer. Readings are special gifts and are not to be tossed out in a group read like the Sunday paper. They are about emotions, insights, love and healing and should be given and received with love and respect ❤

What Really Happens When We Get A Reading

Today’s Thoughts – the past few days I’ve been reconnecting with myself and recharging – and it’s working. Like anything it’s a slow process but one that always moves forward. Although sometimes the journey is so slow it feels like a standstill but it’s really not, we are always learning and gathering insights.

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What Are These Energy Gateways All About?

I’m sure you’re hearing about the 11 11 gateway. If you look back in time, you’ll se there is a similar thread to all these “gateways.” From the Lions Gate, all the dates of the number sequences (dates) like 8/8 which his the Lions Gate to 10/10 and now 11/11 – they all have a common thread and that’s energy. We are just dancers in time.

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When We Feel “Off” How Can We Prove It Was An Energy Thing?

I had a great question asked from a member in my Angel Huggers group in Facebook. We were all talking about the strong geomagnetic energy surges that are constantly swirling around and making us feel off. Here’s her question.

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Please Stop Blaming Everything On The Retorgrade

Ever notice as soon as the headaches come in or someone’s mood changes the “experts” always say it’s because of the Retrograde? This is probably the main reason I don’t read, follow or subscribe to any of the energy readers. It’s not always because of the Retrograde, it goes much deeper.

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Why Are The Animals In Our Lives So Important To Us?

As I started my day today, the first feeling I got was “animals.” The birds were exceptionally loud this morning, I heard a dog crying out somewhere in the neighbors yard and I also saw a neighbor looking for her dog that escaped the yard since last night. Ever wonder why all these creatures are in our lives? What role do they play for us?

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