Who Should Be In Your Life?

People are drawn to each other for a reason. Over time, you’ll find that there are many synchronicity’s that are discovered. That is how you know that you are with someone who is on or has a similar frequency / vibration as you. THESE are the people you should have in your life.

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Why Are People In Our Lives?

We all know about lessons right? You know that the people we meet are in our lives for a reason, when that reason is fulfilled that “friend” or person slowly slips out of our lives. Come find out why this is and learn the reason behind these “friendships.”

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Angel Habbiel Talks About Friendships

Sometimes Angel Oracle cards have a strong message – well they all do but not all of them deliver the feeling of lollipops and unicorns. This card, one of my favorites when I ask about friendships, is so very powerful and always comes up in a very timely manner.

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